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The goods with Olympic Games symbolics - 2014 will appear on sale by the end of the year

to protect buyers from fakes, things with the Olympic brand will sell in specialised shops and on a special site on the Internet. On it yesterday on a press - conferences were informed by the president of organising committee of the Olympic Games - 2014 Dmitry Chernyshenko.

In 2012 we plan to open the Olympic hypermarket in Moscow and supermarkets on all territory of Russia, - Dmitry Chernyshenko has declared. - Besides, the goods can be bought on an official site of organising committee . Under the department program, shops also will be opened at the airports, at railway stations and in venues of sports meets.

organizers plan to receive All 500 million roubles from sales Olympic things. And for preparation for the Olympic Games it is planned to allocate only this year 226 billion roubles. But even half-billion from sale of the goods, according to Dmitry Chernyshenko, is the help of each Russian in the organisation of games.

In the list of the goods with a brand have included five thousand names. These are writing-books for schoolboys, handles, badges and charms, and also drinks and ornaments. Manufacturers of these groups of the goods will choose already in the near future, and in the first half of the year 2010 sales will begin. In second half there will be ware, toys, books and sports stock.

All manufacturers of the goods with symbolics will get out on a competitive basis. It the Olympic committee will grant the official licence. and the licence for release of the goods not exclusive, - Dmitry Chernyshenko has explained. - That is let out production in one category some firms " can at once;. But in the licence to the companies - to manufacturers how many will precisely manage, he to answer while is at a loss. As he said, it will depend on quantity of interested persons by each kind of the goods.

So, Izdattsentr will participate in the program of distribution of marks, envelopes and cards mark Mail of Russia and Federal communication agency. Post production will appear in the market by next year. Then the Central Bank and the Savings Bank will begin distribution of new banknotes and coins with Olympic Games symbolics.

to distinguish the present goods from counterfeit, the special program " is developed; Goznaka . As director Arcady Trachuk, " has declared; the visual both latent polygraphic and electronic ways of protection " will be entered;. And the population will teach to distinguish licence production from lindens .

Each goods will have the special hologramme testifying to its authenticity. Release of labels will begin in April. for the large goods will print labels more, for small there will be a special holographic label - Arcady Trachuk has told. Each manufacturer who possesses the licence, can get the necessary quantity of such protective means. And the unique database of labels will allow state bodies to watch a product from the moment of its manufacture before sale.

Nevertheless some experts doubt that the goods with the Olympic symbolics will be on a pocket to all Russians - expenses on licensing will lay down on buyers. Therefore many Russians most likely will forget about noble purpose to help the state in the Olympic Games organisation, on what organizers now hope, and will buy a counterfeit T-shirt with an inscription Sochi - 2014 in the nearest tent at the similar price.

to Struggle with manufacturers nelitsenzionki the organising committee intends together with law-enforcement bodies. According to Dmitry Chernyshenko, measures on struggle with Olympic kontrafaktom are now developed.