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Today we mark 150 - letie the great Russian writer

150   years and Chekhov - concepts trudnosovmestimye. Though Chekhov, of course, dreamt to live long. If not a damned consumption... He sincerely trusted in progress, in a science, in culture and to it favourably differed from widespread type of the Russian melancholiac.

In Melikhov, manor of Anton Pavlovicha situated near Moscow where he lived with breaks about 7 years, there is its young portrait of work of the brother, Nikolay Chekhov. This portrait their mother, Evgenie Jakovlevna, the silent, restrained woman, great truzhenitsa, in many respects defined sincere shape of the great son as the father, Pavel Egorovich, has charged all sons hereditary talent especially loved. To learn Chekhov on this portrait it is impossible. He/she is the young, graceful person, the free artist, with a bang a la Dorian Heat, with a languishing look and aristocratic abrisom unusually graceful person.

But house conditions remind us of a petty-bourgeois origin of the writer. Especially it is felt on a parental half, with its chests and a cell Pavel Egorovicha where the violin adjoins to huge pumpkins, and the lectern with notes does not prevent to live to icons in ancient salaries. It is fine maiden svetelka Anton`s sisters - Masha who have devoted the life to the brother. In this house in general all is fine, convenient and rational. And at all at once you will understand: as, why here has been written Chamber N 6 ? And why to write the Seagull Chekhov left in a tiny wing?

Chekhov adored the manor, was proud of it. And at the same time always at it a little bit bantered, underlining in letters that, say, not on Senke a cap... For the writer, living exclusively literary earnings to buy own manor - was business unprecedented. It was, appear, the well-being top. But... The manor - that has been bought on credit. 5 thousand Suvorin, 5 thousand has given the state bank, and 3 thousand Chekhov remained owes to the former owner, Nikolay Sorohtinu`s artist. Here they also are those 13 000, which presumed to itself the most popular at that time the Russian writer.

And - that as a result? Chekhov dreamt about silent literary a nest in a sort Spassky or the Clear Glade where it could work easy. Instead - an infinite chain of visitors, juvenile children of the brother, which threw to trouble-free Antoshe for the summer, and the hardest doctor`s practice with sorts, sifilisami, the country kiddies who have scalded in boiled water and other delights of district medicine. And for all it did not take from peasants copeck. Built schools, hospitals, cholera barracks... you will be ruined, the barin - muzhiks spoke.

Only very strong, cheerful and cheerful person could take out it. Having got used from school to a painful image of Chekhov in eye-glasses what it became in the last years of life, we forget, how much it there was cheerful and vitalnyj a person. you would like kutnut? - He from Melikhov Suvorinu wrote. - And me awfully it would be desirable. Pulls me to the sea adski. To live in Yalta or Feodosiya one week for me would be true pleasure. Well, but by a steamship, apparently, in 1000 times it would be better than the house. Freedom it would be desirable also money. To sit on a deck, treskat wine and to talk about the literature, and evening of the lady .

Money! Money! - he wrote Like Mizinovoj as if parodying classical To Moscow! To Moscow! - be money, I would leave to Southern Africa about which I read now very interesting letters . By the way, it seriously gathered to Africa, to Algeria and Tunis, thinking to wave there directly from Nitstsy, but with the partner has not carried, and he did not love lonely travel. Unless to Sakhalin. . Well what idiot will keep the company there?

Chekhov loved cigars while health allowed, and, at least in words, adored laziness and idleness.

My ideal: to be idle and to love the full girl. For me the higher pleasure - to go or sit and to do nothing; favourite my employment - to collect that is not necessary (leaves, straw and so forth) And to do useless .

It was written by the person who worked as damned all life, dragged on the shoulders a huge family (mother, the father, the sister, brothers, their children), free of charge treated peasants, leaving on villages on 4 - 5 times a day (and at night, and during a torrential rain), and still what for - that participated in agricultural population census. Tell, well who from present known writers will voluntary participate in population census? To go on houses with the daddy and to fill questionnaires? It is impossible to present...

Remarkably to read Chekhov`s rural letters during our so-called crisis and general moaning. Especially - literary moaning. The Lord writers, write as damned, dream of money and Southern Africa (and poezzhajte all - taki to Sakhalin) and do not ache, please!

One of these days in manor Melihovo the exhibition of remarkable Tomsk sculptor Leontija Usova has opened. 12 sculptural portraits of the classic which has been cut out from a cedar. you have specially conceived it? - I have asked the author at exhibition opening, wishing to show the learning. (It is known that Chekhov in a court yard of the Yalta house has planted a cedar.) yes is not present, - the cheerful sculptor with laughing eyes has answered. - simply material such soft, pleasant .

Leonty of Moustaches has become famous for that has set up in Tomsk a monument to drunk Chekhov . It is such crafty revenge of inhabitants for Chekhov`s response about Tomsk: a pier, all city drunk. This cult place in Tomsk. The youth Here gathers, pass literary soirees and concerts. In statue pockets put coins (those money about which Chekhov dreamt). Scrub it, as well as it is necessary, palms to shine. Direct axiomatic luster .

And - correctly do... Chekhov - a cheerful name!