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The Astrakhan militiaman has received eight years for sale of the person in slavery

By eight years of imprisonment has sentenced Enotaevsky district court of the Astrakhan region of the former militiaman which together with podelnikom has violently taken out the local resident to Kalmykia and there has sold as free labour on one of chabanskih points. In a captivity astrahanets has stayed two months.

the History has begun almost one year ago in Astrakhan in the city market where the senior divisional on Justinsky area of Kalmykia Chingiz Adzhiglaev together with the acquaintance has stopped ostensibly for check of documents 52 - the summer loader. Fluently prolistav the passport, the militiaman ordered astrahantsu to sit down in the car for conversation and, despite of protests, has taken out it from a city. That the arrested person is not dared to run, the divisional for persuasiveness has threatened it with a pistol.

- Remained without the passport and understanding that it take away it is not known where, stolen has started to call to the aid, but, obviously, all associates perceived it as usual detention suspected of a crime, - the public prosecutor of Enotaevsky area Dmitry Chernov has told.

At autostation in Enotaevke the stolen have handed to the buyer . Life and freedom of the person have estimated all in two thousand roubles. After some hours it has appeared in the next Kalmykia on chabanskoj to a point where should graze cattle for a soup bowl. To give a news about itself stolen it was possible only in two months: having snatched the moment, it has transferred through the driver of the transit truck with the Astrakhan numbers in advance prepared note for the wife.