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The Kamchatka fishermen declared three-day hunger-strike from - for impossibility to leave on a craft

Today 20 representatives of crews jarusolovov which more stand than year in port without work, have gathered on one of courts and declared three-day hunger-strike. If the problem does not dare within the next few days, they are ready to go again on pickets and to declare termless hunger-strike, - the leader of trade unions " has informed; Akrosa the former captain Igor Kovalenko. He has noticed that fishermen are driven to despair.

we Will remind, more year fishermen of the company Akros possibility to leave on a craft achieve. 12 modern jarusolovov this firm in due time have been constructed abroad under guarantees of the Russian government. Now these vessels formally still are considered foreign and have no right to work in the Russian waters. In the government of the Russian Federation more than once discussed this problem and even have agreed, however the documents resolving a craft to courts, are not present till now.

- the State is not known what for has stopped for a year modern harvesting vessels and not clearly what for continues us to keep at a pier on position of serfs, - the captain jarusolova " has declared; Kalkan Michael Galahin. - It is necessary to tell fairly: vessels take away to decay to China, and go on labour exchange. It seems that to federal authorities are not necessary we, one and a half billion roubles of our production. We will achieve an exit of courts on a craft in all ways.

In the meantime

their colleagues have joined hunger-strike of the Kamchatka fishermen with   five Sakhalin fillet trawlers which are in the Korean port Pusan. The chairman of trade union has informed on it striking     Igor Kovalenko. Today on January, 29th they begin a protest movement and completely support this action. The leader of trade union has added that now on courts have started hunger-strike of 25 persons, the others will join after change of watches and carrying out obshchesudovyh works. The protest action has not affected an order: on courts all requirements of sea charters and instructions are to the full observed, necessary works and actions connected with ability to live of courts are spent. On the basis of fleet safety arrangements and fire-prevention safety are strengthened.

the Sakhalin vessels - filejshchiki and Kamchatka jarusolovy are completely repaired and ready to work. They are laid up in Korea and Russia - as fishermen, because of the Ministry of Finance, Foreign trade and investment bank and nerasporjaditelnosti consider Rosrybolovstva. Members sudoekipazhej are informed that federal and regional authorities undertake efforts on a solution of a problem. However, according to Kovalenko, business does not move off dead centre, and straight losses of the enterprise from idle time already make more than 400 million roubles. The most productive trade period will end already in the middle of March. Thereupon the fishing companies and the regional authorities are seriously concerned not only losses, but also the guaranteed loss of quotas on vylov water biological resources.