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Cuba has confirmed intention to buy Voronezh An - 148

Voronezh has visited official delegation of Cuba led by the president of institute of civil aircraft of republic Rohelio Asevedo Gonsalesom.

visit has taken place within the limits of work Russian - the Cuban intergovernmental commission on development trading - economic relations. On “ the Voronezh joint-stock aircraft constructing society “ (VASOS) visitors have got acquainted with manufacture of new regional planes An - 148 which have started to be issued serially at this enterprise last year. General Asevedo has informed that Cuba having a wide experience of use Russian aircraft technicians, intends to buy it and henceforth:

- Pilots mark high quality of the Voronezh planes, therefore we plan to order three An - 148 (the corresponding arrangement has been reached on an air show MAX - 2009) which will be used for passenger transportations in Caribbean basin and Cuba.

He has noticed that republic the extended updating of this plane - An - 158 (it is calculated on 90 passengers, is in working out) also interests. Cuba already maintains seven Russian planes - three Silt - 96 (are made in Voronezh, are used including the first persons of the state) and four They be 204. It is the second official visit of Cubans to Voronezh connected with aircraft engineering. In 1972 Fidel Castro then Cuba has bought lot of the Voronezh planes here has visited.


An - 148 - new blizhnemagistralnyj the passenger plane, joint working out of the Ukrainian and Russian designers. Base updating contains to 80 passengers, are possible cargo, the VIP - and other variants. First two An - 148 Voronezh manufactures are transferred the State Customs Committee “ Russia “ for operation on a route Moscow - St.-Petersburg. The plane has interested a number of foreign airlines (from Iran, Peru, the North Korea and Syria). It is received 110 orders and demands for An - 148 (that provides aircraft factory loading for some years).