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In Eltse the small has opened international and to nobody known festival

to Repeat a route of the heroine Chekhovian Seagulls Ninas Zarechnoj actors and directors from 10 countries have solved.

Idea to spend to honour 150 - letija from the date of Anton Chekhov`s birth the small international and to nobody known festival has come to the Berlin theatrical teacher and director Yury Alshitsu. As he said, to stop on official, traditional anniversary celebrations would be not on Chekhov. As well as idea   to note them and in capital as Chekhov is, first of all, a province.   in the play the Seagull in last action Nina Zarechnaja in dialogue with Konstantin Treplevym says such words: Tomorrow to go to Yelets, with muzhiks, in the third class. And in Eltse the formed merchants will stick with courtesies. Life is rough! . why to Yelets? To find the answer to this question of Trepleva - 47 actors and directors have gathered at Paveletsky station of capital, have sat down in the car of the third class also have gone to provincial small town.

All has passed almost on a plan of the initiator of the action. Yelets, 5. 13 mornings. Darkly, in the street a minus 23. From meeting - only actors of Yelets drama theatre Benefit performance led by the director - Alla Sirotinoj. Habitual for the international festivals of an orchestra and television cameras, bread - salts from local management of culture. Initiators of the action initially refused everyone banalshchiny.

is not official action, - Yury Alshits, more inclined to name the action " has explained; the big theatrical improvisation .

But the platform there and then revives, greetings sound in different languages. To celebrate Chekhovian anniversary to Yelets there have arrived visitors from Italy, Germany, Poland, Sweden, France, England, Greece, Cyprus …   it is So much representatives of the different countries of the world in one car in Yelets did not come yet.

In spite of the fact that the smallest international festival applies for popularity already thanks to originality of the idea, not many local residents knew about arriving a theatrical landing . And local officials have concerned the action sceptically. At first have suggested to transfer celebrating of anniversary for later term as were afraid not to have time to solve all organizational questions. Some participants of the action had to address in tourist agencies for visa reception as there were complexities with invitations from administration.

actors will stay In Eltse two days. The pedestrian excursion on an old city, the master - a class on a theme " is planned; Avant-guard of Chekhovian dramatic art theatrical kapustnik. In the morning in birthday of the writer (on new style), visitors of festival will go to the Voznesensky cathedral on moleben Chekhov`s memories. Celebratings by theatrical meetings will come to the end.

And here a bookmark of the base of a monument to Nina Zarechnoj who should become a dominant of this action, on the verge of failure.   though for this purpose each of participants of the action has brought from the country on a nominal stone. But them while have suggested to combine in a box established at theatre Benefit performance . As have explained in management of culture of the city of Eltsa, for this purpose at first it is necessary to confirm a place and that it to make - the sketch &hellip is necessary;

the First-ever monument to Nina Zarechnoj perfectly would add sights of Eltsa. Which, besides, positions itself as turistsko - a recreational zone. But … life Is rough!