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The Oryol narcopolicemen suggest to toughen rules of sale of a food poppy

While the initiative Oryol UFSKN is addressed local legislators, but with a sight on the All-Russia scale.

Narcopolicemen ask to accept standard - the legal certificate which would toughen trade rules a food poppy in region territory. In particular, it is a question of carrying out of obligatory examination at import of such goods in area. The matter is that under the pretext of a harmless food poppy businessmen frequently trade in the so-called littered poppy with straw impurity. Actually it is masking for sale makovoj straws which are popular at addicts. From the littered poppy they prepare atsetilirovannyj opium.

Under the law, the food poppy is not included into the list of the means forbidden to sale in Russia. Some years ago there was no even a standard which would limit level of impurity. Now it has appeared, but the statutory act regulating volume of impurity, is not present till now. At checks sellers show the certificate of quality and in perplexity make a helpless gesture. To make answerable them it is hard. The indirect demonstration of that they know, than trade, the price - " serves; littered the poppy costs in 10 times more expensively pure food .

In the end of the last year employees UFSKN have withdrawn from one of dealers of 1,5 tons of the littered poppy. By estimates of experts, in it contained over 54 kgs makovoj straws. On the black market the price of such quantity of a drug would exceed 5 million roubles. On the given fact criminal case, including for the first time for legalisation of the incomes received from criminal activity is brought.  
In the meantime

the Overwhelming majority of addicts in the Oryol region is made by young men at the age from 20 till 40 years. Among the citizens involved with narcopolice to a criminal liability, over 60 percent - the youth is elderly till 30 years.