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In Kazan legality of alcohol check on SMS

Thanks to it is information - help system any buyer, the seller or the manager of shop by means of a mobile phone can receive the full information on an origin and quality of alcoholic drinks.

All alcoholic production imported on territory of Tatarstan or made in republic before to get on regiments of shops, passes check of Gosalkogolinspektsiej RT. In case of positive result of examination the permission to sale stands out, and all information on production is brought in a database which then and is used by subscribers of the action.

to learn all cherished secrets about prospective purchase (the name, capacity, a fortress, pouring and manufacturer date), it is enough to send sms - the message with registration number to the subscriber 2075 and to compare the obtained data that is specified on a label. In case of discrepancy of the information it is necessary to refuse purchase and to phone in inspection of a hot line: (843 278 - 92 - 79. the action Purpose is clear and clear: the consumer should know the legitimate rights and possibilities.

Meanwhile, employees of Rospotrebnadzora of the Russian Federation on RT continue off-schedule actions for revealing vinodelcheskoj production and vinomaterialov from Moldova and Georgia. For the first week of September 64 researches of wines of manufacture of Russia, Italy, Spain, the republic of South Africa, Chile, Argentina and 35 - cognac of manufacture of Russia and Armenia are spent. From them do not correspond to hygienic specifications of 12 tests of wines of manufacture of Russia, France, Italy and 4 tests of cognac of manufacture of Russia.

From 1 on September, 7th, according to toxicological monitoring, in Tatarstan 83 cases of an alcoholic poisoning are registered, 6 from them have ended with a deadly outcome. It a little more than for last week, however, as have informed the correspondent in a press - service THAT Rospotrebnadzora of the Russian Federation on RT, in republic the quantity of cases of alcoholic poisonings and lethal outcomes does not increase. Moreover, the statistics flies lower, about what tell Rospotrebnadzora given by experts statistical researches. The basic peak of poisonings is necessary for the periods of holidays, and it is connected not with domination of substitutes of alcohol, and, more likely, with quantity of the drunk.