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The first five of the Moscow gaz stations has received maple leaflets

Honesty - politeness of kings. Petrol

Such conclusion was made by authoritative experts of leading applied institutes like such, as RGU oil and the gas, meticulously checked up applicants on a maple leaflet . Within a year owners of the gas station should show to experts variety of documents among which responses of clients in a complaint book were considered even. but results of analyses of the fuel, made the laboratories specially accredited by the government of Moscow had crucial importance, - the head of department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment of capital Leonid Bochin has told to correspondents. - They do at least three tests from each gas station. One of these tests remains in special bank in case the owner of autorefuelling will disagree with the expert opinion and will submit to arbitration court. The second is received by the seller of fuel that could dispel the doubts, having handed over the taken sample on research in other laboratory which inspires to it of more trust. And the third test goes directly for examination. All tests undertake exclusively anonymously, all go strictly at numbers. The applicant will sustain check - means, will receive a maple leaflet .

As already it has been above told, from several tens volunteers, soglasivshihsja on procedure of voluntary certification of the gas station while only five have taken place rigid selection. In general, really drop in the sea of the gasoline consumed by capital.

the sign for two years Stands out. To lose it it is easy - to get enough during the further check that gasoline is filled in any more that earlier. The chance to catch an emblem again will appear not earlier, than in two years. Rules are that. And that only under a condition if in this time on quality there will be no censure. whether there Will be still hunters to fight for luzhkovskuju a label? Especially, when learn, what neither assignment of a sign on ecological safety to the owner does not bear tax privileges, nor other what privileges? - correspondents have doubted. Leonid Bochin is assured: Will be. After all reception of an ecological sign is some kind of a sign on the become aggravated competitive struggle among the capital gas stations. Those who is torn to receive it, thus, let know that they do not wish to associate in the opinion of buyers with black sellers motor fuel - that is those who trades in poor quality gasoline and by that not only ruins cars of Muscovites, but also poisons them and all environment .

Division into two camps

And really, delivery of a sign on ecological safety of fuel to the first five of the gas station, as a matter of fact, only public ascertaining of section which has already occurred in capital of sellers of gasoline on white and black . We will remind that else in the beginning of 2005 authorities of the capital have declared the gas station war, trading substitute fuel with dangerous impurity instead of sound gasoline. Right after acceptances in Moscow of the law About responsibility for realisation of kinds of the motor fuel which is not meeting ecological requirements all capital gas stations have appeared in a zone of steadfast attention of inspectors of department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment. The law became in their hands the serious tool: in total for a year he has allowed to inflict penal sanctions on more than 70 zapravshchikov - infringers on the sum over 9 million roubles. And if last year the penalty made 200 thousand in it it reaches already 300 thousand.

From the gas stations which have got on trade by poor-quality fuel, the wildlife management and preservation of the environment department also has made for the first time so-called the black list the gas station. That here has begun, knows on a private experience. Capital ecologists accused that they break the law, making the overestimated demands to quality of motor fuel, the mass-media, published that list, - in distribution of the doubtful data. and what you want? - Has told in reply to our request to comment on a course of this struggle the minister of ecology. - the black list is a falling of sales. Blow on a crime, and not only in trade in fuel, but also in sphere of manufacture of poor-quality fuel. It is natural that petrol kings tried and will try to protect the profits further. Fortunately, while they have lost courts of all levels - regional, interdistrict, city .

What result? From 800 gas stations available in a city are checked up nearby 300. In the black list - nearby 60. The list is constantly updated: the bad reputation conducts to loss of buyers. Clever do a correct conclusion and begin, let at first not on own will, to trade on conscience.

From several tens refuellings, soglasivshihsja on procedure of voluntary certification while only five have taken place rigid selection

Nevertheless Moscow quite often accuse, as a matter of fact, of infringement of the federal legislation. yes, to us continually remind that the subject of Federation cannot establish more rigid quality standards of fuel, than it is accepted in gostah the Russian Federation, - Bochin has explained. - But who argues what gosty really are a prerogative of the federal government? Therefore the capital only establishes the raised ecological requirements to motor fuel: they at Moscow at Euro level - 3, while at federal level till now Euro - 2. Any substitute is first of all our lungs, all atmosphere of a city .

War proceeds

War against those who trades in dirty gasoline with various dangerous additives and impurity, the capital conducts not one year. What its main output? We name only one figure. From the beginning 90 - h years of the last century as ecologists when the most part of the capital industry has failed have counted, the main pollutant of capital air became cars. They throw up it from the grey exhausts about 900 thousand tons of the harmful substances falling annually on heads of Muscovites. The number of cars year from a year grows in capital: them any more 3 million, as couple of years back, and 3,5 million. On allocation in atmosphere of carbonic gas, lead and other autopleasures how many has in that case increased? Exhausts, it appears, any more did not become, on what with the big pride Leonid Bochin has informed. In its opinion to achieve it in many respects it was possible just thanks to toughening of control over fuel realisation in city boundaries which conduct both stationary, and mobile laboratories. However, the city is not limited to one it.

Preserving cleanliness of air, the capital, in particular, has refused use by winter of black oil for electric power development. Has entered a rule according to which now the buses corresponding to Euro are let in a city - 2 only, and gets a city only buses with engines not below Euro - 3. It also gives the chance though not to lower all, but, at least, and not to raise the maintenance of harmful substances in surrounding atmosphere.

It is asked, what expects Muscovites further? Whether it is sighed they when - nibud, what is called, a full breast? our purpose - to reach the European quality of air, - Bochin speaks. - But it is the extremely difficult, at least because Russia with serious delay has accepted the program on release of cars from Euro - 2. It happens when Europe has started to pass already... For Euro - 5 .

most of all Moscow minister is revolted with what in the country the voices which are perplexed, for example, what for till now sound the European standards are necessary to the Russian agriculture? It is given reason by that ours kukuruzniki without gasoline with lead additives simply will not fly up. interesting, how many them at us, these kukuruznikov what all Russia is excited with manufacture of gasoline for them? - capital ecologists are perplexed.

the Moscow authorities perfectly understand: in a root to change a situation only the it is black - white lists it not under force. Therefore in every possible way operate and on a federal legal field. In particular, actively struggle, on the one hand, for acceptance of new federal regulations in which the norm about possibility of manufacture and sale of gasoline with lead additives will be excluded. And on the other hand - support that by means of taxes to encourage manufacturers of good-quality fuel. The project of amendments in this respect in the State Duma is already brought in tax laws, the question only in that, what is the time will pass before its acceptance.

It is a pity, Yury Luzhkov complained past Saturday that Moscow remains while a unique city in Russia which is seriously anxious by struggle with bodjazhnym gasoline . For this reason it does not manage to reach suppliers of harmful fuel, - Bochin considers. - After all wholesale bases frequently are outside of Moscow. Besides, many of them are quite often hidden behind fences of military units and industrial zones where access is strictly limited .

the Inquiry

Daily in Moscow is realised an order of 8 thousand tons of gasoline and about 3 thousand tons of diesel fuel. By results of control it is revealed that about 20 percent from total amount of realised production does not correspond to the requirements established in Moscow. Thus the fuel part does not correspond as well federal gostam.

It is necessary to pay attention especially that current gosty are accepted still in 80 - h years of the last century and suppose the maintenance in motor fuel of such toxic substances, as lead and sulphur, in quantities in 10 times exceeding the European indicators by similar kinds of fuel. Since 2006 in Moscow requirements to motor fuel at level

Euro - 3 are established. To correspond to the European requirements, Moscow - the first in Russia - has accepted ecological requirements to motor fuel. In total since 2005 till August, 2006 have checked up 338, or hardly there is more than third, all refuellings in Moscow.

By results of examination of department of wildlife management, 69 refuellings should pay the administrative penalty. From 43 decisions accepted in this respect the penalty or is already paid (29 gas stations), or for its collecting on 14 refuellings instructions are directed court enforcement officers - to executors (14 decisions). In turn owners of the gas station have appealed against against 21 decision about appointment of administrative punishment, from them 12 - are upheld, 6 - are cancelled, 3 - are in a consideration stage. In 2005 227 gas stations of Moscow about conformity of realised motor fuel to ecological requirements have been checked up. On 49 gas stations, or 21,6 percent from total of the checked up gas stations, 82 tests (10,8 percent from 762 tests) the motor fuel, not corresponding to the above-stated requirements are revealed. And from 82 tests which are not corresponding to ecological requirements, 66 tests (80,5 percent) did not correspond even to requirements of GOST (THAT).

By August, 1st, 2006 111 more gas stations are checked up, 383 tests are selected. On 20 gas stations, or 18 percent from total of the checked up gas stations, are revealed 24 tests (6,3 percent) the motor fuel which is not corresponding not only ecological requirements, but also old gostam.