Rus News Journal

In the centre of Moscow will construct 100 hotels

And for Moscow born and bred in TSAO till the end of the year will put into operation 10 municipal buildings a total area of 68,7 thousand square metres. New buildings with an individual lay-out will grow in Presnensky, Krasnoselsky, Basmannom, Tagansky and Petty-bourgeois areas. Thanks to it all inhabitants of the centre the capitals moved within the limits of the city program of reconstruction of shabby habitation, will celebrate house warming in native district, as well as it is necessary under the city law.

According to the prefect, inhabitants of the centre can not be afraid of forthcoming winter. Restrictions in supply of electricity and heat will not concern apartment houses, hospitals, schools and other objects of social sphere. Switching-off really threatens only industrial enterprises.

Actively proceeds in the centre of Moscow and opening of social food shops which should replace the former epicures which have been forced out by boutiques. In the end of August in our territory has opened anniversary 200 - j social shop, - the prefect has informed. - by the end of the year them will be already 220. Next year - 300, and on it the program will not come to the end .

Continuing a theme of creation of comfort for inhabitants of district, Bajdakov has noticed that will not be fast such essential, as now, and a problem of toilets: will establish in addition 10 booths. And here urns will not increase - for safety reasons, so to smokers the prefect has advised to carry with itself mini - ashtrays not to pollute the capital centre.