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“ the Film - a surprise “ there were the winner of the Venetian film festival

Lions and young lions

“ the Film - a surprise “ - the Venetian tradition. All program appears in good time - this film is kept a secret. Usually this firm dish especially favourite by the director of festival Marko by Muller, the expert and the admirer of the East. So, for example, one year ago from a non-existence has arisen “ the Empty house “ Kim Ki - Duka - also has won a prize for direction. “ a still-life “ as it was found out, many have ignored in vain - to it the most important award has been prepared.

It is the modern social drama which action occurs on coast Jantszy, in a small village of Fyntsze already almost flooded at building of a dam, and new area where should evacuate inhabitants, it is yet ready. It is a film about the peasants who have appeared under iron fifth industrialisation. The new owner of the Venetian gold already the third time participates in local competition: in 2000 it showed a film “ the Platform “ in 2004 - m - “ the World “.

“ the Silver lion “ for the best direction have handed over 84 - to summer Alain Ren for a film “ Hearts “ (in English translation - “ Private fears in public places “) - The veteran of French of cinema already heard here an ovation when in 1961 received “ gold “ for a film “ Last summer in Marienbade “. The second “ the Silver lion “ “ for art opening “ have awarded to the Italian tape “ the New world “ the director - Emmanuele Krialeze. A film of Mahamata - Saleha Haruna from Republic Chad “ Daratt “ it is awarded a special prize of jury. By the best actress Englishwoman Helen Mirren for Elizabeth II role in a film " is recognised; the Queen “ the best actor - Ben Efflek who has played “ the superman “ 50 - h years of George Rivza in a film “ Gollivudlend “. A prize “ Ozella “ the ancient coin of the Venetian republic became which symbol, has got to Peter Morgan, a script writer of a film “ the Queen “ and to the operator of anti-Utopia “ the Child human “ Emmanuelju Ljubetski. In competition “ Horizons “ The social drama of Chinese director Liu Tsze " has won; a Themis in a saddle “. The award of a name of Dino of Dee Laurentisa has got to a film “ Hadak “ removed in the Mongolian steppes directors Peter Brosensom and Dzhessikoj Vudvort.

“ euphoria “ Ivan Vyrypaeva too has not left without awards - it have considered as the best film of festival of 26 students of the Italian film schools. This jury traditionally hands over the “ the Gold young lion “ and it is very frequent its decisions coincide with a grand jury verdict. This time has not worked, but hotheads in Russia should be careful of hasty conclusions about “ a failure “ our picture in Venice: a choice of a film for competition of such rank - already serious victory. “ to be recognised at such festival as Venetian, is as suddenly come true dream “ - Ivan Vyrypaev has told, accepting “ the Young lion “.

Films and a little bit nervously

you Leave Venice with grief: mostra, as well as all this unique city, uncontrollably sinks. She all tried to compete with French Kannom, and danger has come from native Rome. Occurrence of the competitor in the name of new Roman festival has responded very considerably.

Nervousness is visible in feverish unsystematic character of selection when Mostra has suddenly changed the tradition to take in competition “ highly artistic “ also has let in the program much “ mass “ including Japanese animation and “ a fantasy “. On this background ours “ Euphoria “ and the finished festival prayful “ Island “ seem creations of aliens.

Still two years ago the Palace of festivals was decorated by ambitious projects of the new festival centre on Lido who is extremely necessary to decayed Mostre. Now at its building do not stammer any more - what for to build festival in a province if there is a ready prestigious and well equipped centre in capital!

the quantity of the information which usually you remove from the a press - boxing armfuls was sharply reduced. On a festival course the army of journalists - on a press quickly thinned - conferences went ever less people, viewings have gone at thin halls. To the Venetian festival interest obviously fell down, colleagues hastened to establish business ties with the new Roman gladiator who has been adjusted on a fast and resolute victory. I do not think that the oldest in the world the Venetian film review will easily give in - behind it its reputation and long nice history. But danger is real already because even at the occurrence of Mostry in 30 - h years the choice of its disposition seemed unreasonable: the city almost without inhabitants where tourists look as in a museum on excursion, could not provide to film review high-grade life. Venice was and remains festival for a narrow circle.

Currents and turbulences

the Festival is a way to see film process from height of the bird`s flight. Present Mostra has made obvious a new coil of interest of world cinema to real stories, events and characters. I will remind that for these ten days we have returned to act of terrorism in the World shopping centre, to Robert Kennedy`s murders and two stars of the American cinema,  destruction of princess Diana and destiny of Hari new Floor-mats from the Dutch Resistance. Means, public on - former interests “ concrete “ and “ vital “. Considerably and the levity which has seized cinema during an epoch of the dying away postmodernism: vampirnichat on masterpieces of last years indefinitely it is impossible, and new ideas are not present. And then are effective, but intellectually poor ekzersisy like “ the Fountain “ Darrena Aronofski, attempts to solve a real drama or an actual problem in a genre of abrupt video game (“ the Black book “ Paul Verhoeven and “ the Child human “ Alfonso Kuarona).

Mostra concerns Russia with interest, it opened time and again to the world names of our talents from Tarkovsky to Zvyagintsev. And this year Russian speech and in general sounded from screens daily thanks to well thought up, but not in all to successfully carried out retrospective show of the Soviet musical films. The program was a success: each of 18 pictures has sustained on three sessions, invariably collecting public. Certainly, the festival has got excited, having admitted here the political note and insisting on that, as “ Cheerful children “ and “ Volga - Volga “ and “ Carnival night “ were pursued by the communistic authorities and consequently almost did not go in the homeland. To it echoed and the film expert representing the program convincing public that in films of Aleksandrova and Pyreva “ we see today strange tjazhelovatuju aggression and certain weight of existence on the screen of the character which is compelled to sing, dance and be all time in a strange unnatural rhythm “. English subtitles brought humour of pictures to nothing, and the promised restoration was reduced to simple transfer zatrepannyh copies “ on figure “ paternal the sound hardly became better, but scratches on - former plough the image. And still opening of treasures of our musical cinema for the international public has taken place.

Alas, last word in dispute on Russia has appeared nevertheless for ours “ Island “. As Pavel Lungin in extended here explains interview, it has made a picture because with the years has arrived at idea on existence of God. This opening sounds strange for the director who and worked before with such categories, as conscience and belief in the person. The person religious connects these qualities good luck, the person the non-believer - with moral installations, but as them name - an essence remains to the same. Only characters “ Islands “ to these categories of the relation have no: gloomy subjects with the fanatical look, dissipating the unique life in bows and a prayer. And fault a prayer you will not expiate - she can be started talking, as fool by fine words, but the crime before people and conscience will not cease to be a crime. The image which has appeared in a film “ new “ but densely old Russia already absolutely deprives the hope country - it here as if it is rejected forever back. The western public looks at this next coil “ Russian consciousness “ with curiosity.

63 - I Venetian Mostra has disappeared, with alarm expecting the announcement of the competitive program 1 - go the Roman film festival. It happens already soon, in the end of September, and fight of two Italian gladiators, apparently, will be to the death.