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Sharapova became the champion of US Open

the Russian tennis tonic Maria Sharapova became the champion of Open superiority of the USA, having beaten in the ending Belgian Zhjustin Enen - Ardenness with the account 6:4, 6:4.


Representatives of Russia more than once won the main trophy in New York. In 2000 Marat Safin won. In 2004 - m - Svetlana Kuznetsova. And in the ending it battled against other Russian - Elenas Dementevoj.

And here now the main prize at Maria Sharapova. Under regulations of competitions it is necessary to the winner of US Open of this year a monetary prize at a rate of 1,2 million dollars. Taking into account bonuses this sum increases still approximately by a half-million.

With Zhjustin Enen - Ardenness Maria to US Open ending played five times, and four times a victory remained for the Belgian tennis-player. And here the sixth meeting - in the ending of the Open championship of the USA.

From the first ball Maria has let know that intends to conduct game by the first number. The Belgian to such turn of events has appeared is not ready, and Maria has won 6:4, 6:4.

after success in the ending the first racket of Russia has told that is happy to win so prestigious tournament in the favourite city:

is a surprising victory. I am very happy that have won in New York, my most favourite city in the world. I also am very glad that have managed to beat Enen - Ardenness, after all our last four meetings remained behind it. I tried to diversify the game, as have brought a victory. Besides, on my party there was a psychological readiness and good state of health.

the Russian tennis-player have asked, whether it received any helps from the father Yury. Representatives of mass-media have noticed that when during breaks between games he drank water, Sharapova too drank water and if the father ate a banana also the tennis-player ate a banana.

Sharapova has answered: To tell the truth, I believe that the main thing in my life not bananas, not that, in what I put on, and not friends whom I meet. Now the main thing in my career is to win tennis matches. And now I sit before you in the status of the winner of US Open, and last thing which now should interest people, are bananas .

Also Sharapova has declared that intends to have a rest a little from tennis:

- Now I feel that was very tired and I want hardly - hardly to have a rest from tennis. At least some weeks.

As to man`s semi-finals in which Russians miracles have not occurred participated: we have conceded. Nikolay Davydenko - Federeru - in three sets, and Michael Juzhnyj - Roddiku - in four. Though that fact that they have reached this stage of tournament, already big success, especially for Michael Juzhnogo.

Well and what the main figurants in the man`s single category? They have begun the final already after this number has been sent yesterday late at night for the press.