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Arcady Volsky

has died it was necessary to look simply at Volsky who perceived all difficult moments very seriously, close to heart, but outwardly - is quiet, with tremendous sense of humour, without petty vanity and with belief that all can be overcome. Here and it is necessary itself to a message. The behaviour Arcady Ivanovich forced to try to arrive the same as it. And in any situation to remain the person. Near to it it was impossible differently.

Volsky`s Destiny - classical destiny of the Soviet, Russian outstanding person. During war his parents have left in guerrilla group, and he was brought up in children`s home. Then from Belarus has arrived to arrive to Moscow in VGIK on camera branch.

But was late to submit documents, and as a result has ended the Moscow institute of a steel and alloys. After that many long years on different posts - and in the Central party committee, and in the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen - always remained exclusively decent, did not refuse any commissions. And for me it was always important to remember: if so will develop that you will send to the Chechen Republic or Karabah, means, it is necessary to arrive, as Volsky. To leave Moscow, from tsekovskoj apartments and even from the highest positions which any more do not assume to knead a dirt and to sleep under protection in tent, to make that have charged to you. All is very live costs in memory. Arcady Ivanovich told about the life much. And I asked it to write down time and again these memoirs. But now all has left together with it. Volsky was able to store both state, and the secrets.

what he lived and that kept it in a system, is, of course, there was a work. After Chernobyl when he as a part of liquidators of consequences of failure on the atomic power station has lived two months in Pripyat, I think, that dose of a radioactive irradiation which it has received, has knocked down its health. But we never any complaints from it heard. It was held by work. And I do not understand till now, how could such happen that at the final stage there was any vanity with RSPP. It is clear that there comes time when alternation of generations is necessary. But not so it should be, and he imagined it differently. It is a pity that so happens.

Working as the head of department of the Central Committee on the industry, Volsky was at the beginnings the Autovase, KamAZa, Atommash, the basic hydroelectric power stations. And consequently it more than someone, was by right president RSPP, its founder. And, in general - that, without his name as it becomes now clear to hold together, to consolidate, mobilise such huge business - community as it was possible to Volsky of 15 years, very difficultly. Hardly still any person can take such place in our life, as Arcady Ivanovich. He could talk to representatives of the power of the highest level fatherlike. It now hardly to whom will be possible. And consequently such equal dialogue as with it, with others will not be. He considered that business and the power should co-operate as equals, without a servility and hails that it is necessary to listen to the different points of view and to try to apply them, even when there are also very serious contradictions. It will be very difficult to repeat such style of relations between industrialists and the country leaders. Such you will not earn even own intelligence, it it is possible to reach only the passed way. All depends from calibre persons. And Volsky - the person big, very big calibre .

the biography Facts

Arcady Ivanovich Volsky was born on May, 15th 1932 in the city of Dobrushe of the Gomel area in a family of teachers. In 1955 has ended the Moscow institute of a steel and alloys, then worked at automobile factory of Lihacheva.

In 1969 has been translated with ZILa in the device of the Central Committee of the CPSU. In 1983 became the assistant on economy of the Secretary general of the Central Committee of the CPSU of Yury Antropov. After coming to power in 1985 of Michael Gorbachev - the head of department of mechanical engineering of the Central Committee. In January, 1989 Volsky is appointed by the chairman of Committee of special management of Nagorno - the Karabakh joint-stock company.

Since January 1992 - go till September, 2005 Volsky worked as the president of the Russian union of industrialists created by it and businessmen.

the Winner of the State award of the USSR, the gentleman of an award For merits before Fatherland II and III degree and other state awards.

Arcady Ivanovich Volsky has died on September, 9th on 75 - m to year of life after heavy long illness.

Funeral will pass on Tuesday, on September, 12th, on the New maiden cemetery with 14. 00 to 15. 00. Farewell will take place in Palace of culture ZIL (East street, house N 4) with 10. 00 to 12. 00.