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Alexander Rar: Rivalry between America and Russia is shown everywhere

This alliance in something even reminded the union of Moscow and Washington of times of the Second World War. Such organisation as the NATO, has faded into the background. Many even thought that in the face of new dangers which endanger peace, the alliance will not be necessary any more.

In the world there was a concept asymmetric wars of which was not till now. That is the concrete states, and not state terrorist modes began to threaten the West not. Many were afraid that further from these not state structures can be generated world halifat. There was a new force - radical Islam.

the Western society has been compelled to accept strict measures for fight against terrorism and even partially to limit degree of freedom of the citizens. Americans have created camp in Guantanamo, have begun illegal ways to listen to inhabitants of the USA. In Europe and in America, especially in public places, there were videocameras for control over a situation in streets and biometric passports.

But gradually Russia and America, continuing to declare the adherence of an antiterrorist coalition, began to solve own problems. Russia all - taki has resolved a situation in the Chechen Republic. And the United States of America instead of destroying a terrorist infrastructure, for example in Asia or in the Near East, were engaged in disarmament of the so-called countries - derelicts: Iraq, Iran, the North Korea and Syria.

Moscow and Beijing gradually forced out Washington from Central Asia, but in the answer Americans have strengthened the positions on Southern caucasus. Thus, new geopolitical opposition between partners in an antiterrorist coalition - has begun Russia and the USA.

As to the European union he aspires to avoid open conflicts, having reconciled a western civilisation with Islam. Europe on - former holds the opinion that it is necessary to give to Islam the same rights in the western society what have Christian religions.

But after September, 11th, 2001 it became clear that radical Islam threatens the European values. I think, there are no doubts in that, as in Germany, both in France, and in Great Britain a number of the Islamic centres have launched war against the Western world. The Islamic extremism even more often reminds of itself. Probably, strategy of head Al - Kaidy Osama bin Ladens consisted in enticing Americans into the Arabian world, on the Arabian territory and there through guerrilla wars, through terrorist attacks to combat the USA. And thus to weaken in the global plan America.

As it seems to much, today there is a withdrawal of the western states from the values: the American border today to cross as it is difficult, as when - that border of the USSR. On - former there is a serious confusion in the western political circles concerning new threats. There were also new geopolitical problems. Rivalry between Russia and America is actually shown everywhere: both on the post-Soviet territory, and in Iran, both in the Near East, and in Latin America where the power companies of Russia now get.

After September, 11th, 2001 all of us observe strong easing European tsivilizatsionnyh values is more often. And a key to the decision of this problem the West while to find not in a condition.

Has prepared Polina Povarich