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The vice-president of the Central Bank has suggested to deprive of a trade of the at fault bankers

About it the first deputy of the chairman of the Central Bank Andrey Kozlov has declared at a bank forum in Sochi. However legislators consider such methods unreasonable.

the Reason of the similar initiative, according to Andrey Kozlova, that, as a rule, the command of bankers of the credit organisation which the Central Bank deprives of the licence, shortly almost with its full complement appears in other bank where too is engaged cashing in .

Therefore the first vice-president of the Central Bank also has decided to address to bankers with the offer to squeeze out from bank system those who dishonours their numbers and has from its part prepared a number of administrative measures. Besides, for struggle with criminal incomes the Central Bank suggests to cancel bank secret at audit of banks. As has declared the deputy The director of department of bank regulation and supervision of the Central Bank Irina Sedova, it is necessary to oblige checking bodies to give in Bank of Russia the data about an adverse state of affairs in bank, which bears threat to interests of its investors and creditors . On the Central Bank plan, the given measure will promote preliminary detection problem the financial organisations.

we Will remind that under the current legislation all credit organisations should be exposed to auditor check, but the information transferred by banks to auditors, remains as fiduciary. To resolve to auditors to share the information about checked banks, the Central Bank already prepares a number of amendments which he soon intends to bring in the State Duma.

However deputies yet do not show special delight concerning the Central Bank initiative, and consider that offered amendments most likely will not be accepted. Against the offer of Bank of Russia auditors act also. In opinion a top - the manager of one of the largest auditor companies if in the country effective bank supervision, the similar help of the Central Bank to what is organised.

Bankers concern innovations cautiously: in a forum lobby many of them said that similar measures only destabilise the bank market. Besides, by estimations of participants of the market, even existing antiotmyvochnoe the legislation frequently allows the Central Bank to settle easily scores with objectionable banks. And its toughening frightens not only the Russian owners of banks, but also the foreign investors who are putting up the money in development of domestic bank system.


Anatoly Aksakov, the vice-president of Committee of the State Duma on the credit organisations and the financial markets:

- I Want to pay attention that responses of bank licences strike first of all on pockets of private investors. After all the system of insurance of contributions, despite present increase of the sum of the contribution, subject to the insurance, to 200 thousand roubles, covers only about 40 percent of all contributions of citizens in the Russian banks. Therefore the bank system needs supervision strengthening. Necessary requirements are registered in the law on the Central bank to heads of banking establishments, of course, it is possible to toughen them, but here it is important, that the innocent thus have not suffered.

Therefore, I consider that it is much better, if similar supervision For unfair bankers bank associations will be engaged - not to frighten in vain participants of the market. Having learnt that any credit organisation is engaged in money-laundering, associations should betray it to wide publicity and expel such bank from the numbers. While they from false delicacy do not want to be engaged self-cleaning of numbers considering that it is work of regulating bodies and power structures.

Actually only small part of banks - basically in Moscow is engaged in illegal cashing in. But today, after Central Bank actions on licence withdrawal, this problem leaves in regions. And many small regional banks, after toughening of requirements of the Central Bank become unprofitable, agree on these grey schemes .

But a problem here, in my opinion, at all in banks, and in those shadow money Which appear at us in the country because of the imperfect legislation. And to do banks extreme incorrectly. The best way of struggle against cashing in - to create favorable conditions for work of the enterprises. If to adjust surtax and unified social tax businessmen will start to work in white and necessity of illegal cashing in of means will disappear.

On the other hand, and banks need to give possibility to struggle with unfair clients - to refuse carrying out of monetary operations and to break off the contract unilaterally if money goes not on salary payment and where - that still. Then it will be easier to regulator to trace already purely criminal money and to include the repressive mechanism.

Our committee has prepared the corresponding bill which is directed yesterday on the coordination to Bank of Russia and Federal Agency of financial monitoring. The Central Bank supports this initiative, however we yet have not received the official conclusion.