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Europe will be engaged in quality of the Russian gasoline

Within the limits of the decision of this problem committee plans to issue agreements with one or several large manufacturers of the fuel, ready to guarantee quality of production up to a terminal point - filling stations.

In turn minpromenergo has prepared the technical regulations project About requirements to gasolines, diesel fuel and other PETROLEUM PRODUCTS which obliges manufacturers to add in each party of fuel ecological markers with which help it will be possible to define, where and when it has been made. From the moment of its introduction into force all fuel let out in the country should correspond to standards Euro - 2 and Euro - 4 . Today any mark of gasoline with oktanovym number more low 92 does not fall under one of new standards.

On diesel fuel the plan a little another. Term of the introduction of new requirements to it in force the same, but besides Euro - 2 and Euro - 4 for diesel fuel it is provided also a transitive variant Euro - 3 .

under the petrol standard Euro - 2 all gasolines above mark of Ai - 92 fall. The standard Euro - 4 assumes the same oktanovye numbers in gasoline marks, as the standard Euro - 2 that is with the same quantity of additives for which account gasoline is more slowly spent. But thus standard gasoline Euro - 4 should contain smaller quantity of technical impurity which remain in gasoline at its distillation from oil and of which it is very difficult to get rid completely.

custom duties on import of the import equipment NPZ which does not have analogues in Russia, for manufacture of gasolines of the new standard Will be nulled. Also excises on manufacture and gasoline sale will be lowered. Functions of Federal agency on technical regulation and metrology (Rostehregulirovanie) will be expanded. It can trace quality of gasoline on all benzozapravkah.

the project of technical regulations which provides a series of measures of protection of the consumer from the forged fuel Is developed also. So, the manufacturer will be obliged to add ecological markers with which help it is possible to define a product on all extent of a technological chain - from oil refining factory before refuelling in gasoline party. In the project possibility of colouring of gasoline on marks is provided even.

it is possible, the State Duma will confirm regulations this year, thus, it will come into force not earlier than 2007. But with sellers etilirovannogo and diluted with manganous and ferriferous additives of fuel will start to struggle already now. Their responsibility is planned to toughen the separate law.

Today sale in Russia pure gasoline is unprofitable: It is more expensive in manufacture, excises on it above. As a result pure, but nobody buys expensive fuel.