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Condoleeza Rice threatens Iran with new sanctions

Teheran successfully pretends that does not understand, why experts of IAEA doubt peace character of its nuclear projects.

While Europeans show the adherence to negotiations a mode ajatoll US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice declared on air of the American TV channel Si - en - en: I am assured, we will enter sanctions which will show to Iran that it cannot continue to follow a former course . As she said, speech does not go about an interdiction for export of the Iranian oil, and about sanctions of financial character. Thus Washington, without waiting resolutions of Security Council of the United Nations, has started to apply sanctions unilaterally. So it became known that the USA blocked any operations of the state bank largest in Iran Saderat in the American credit market.

However, that the policy of sanctions will lead to refusal of Teheran of the nuclear program, even many doubt Washington. As it became known, at discussion of the Iranian file in frameworks the six the international intermediaries, the American diplomats basically agreed that categorical tone at negotiations with Iran most likely will lead only to pressure escalation. But on a logical question of Americans: And what it is possible to offer in exchange? the six while cannot answer.

This answer is capable to give Teheran. And on Sunday evening it seemed that the situation here - here will be resolved. After the two-day negotiations which have come to the end in Vienna of the secretary of the High council of national safety of Iran Ali Laridzhani with the Supreme representative of EU on foreign policy and safety Javier Solana last has declared: progress on some question " Is reached;. A bit later the Austrian radio referring to diplomatic circles has informed sensational news - Teheran is ready to refuse enrichment of uranium for the term up to two months.

However diplomatic circles to which radio referred, have obviously hurried. On Monday the Iranian party has denied the appeared information. Teheran will not fulfil made to its the West wrongful demands in the field of development of peace atom - the secretary of the Supervisory board of Islamic Republic ajatolla Ahmad Dzhannati has informed. That council without which approval any decision of the Iranian government and parliament cannot come into force.

This statement has sounded in some hours before in Vienna regular session of Board of governors of IAEA has opened. The Iranian nuclear problem, predictably, has been included in the agenda. Before the beginning of session by managing director was rozdan the report of the head of IAEA Mohammed al - Baradei. In the document the conclusion that Iran has not fulfilled the requirement of Security Council of the United Nations about the termination till August, 31st of works on uranium enrichment, on the one hand, contains. But at the same time the report recognises: nuclear activity of Teheran has limited enough character, and the agency does not have any certificates confirming military character of this activity.

it is not excluded that on September, 19th when in New York annual General Assembly of the United Nations will open, Condoleeza Rice will show to councillors of Safety such proofs. Otherwise Rice confidence of inevitability of sanctions concerning Iran is no more, than the next attempt to accept wished for the validity.


In the Pentagon named a fake videorecording of rocket firings from board of the Iranian submarine which ostensibly have been made about two weeks ago. According to experts, it is a question of archival record of start of the Chinese rocket. Videorecording intended to frighten neighbours of Iran and to force them to think that Teheran is armed better, than they - explain the reasons of occurrence of a film in the American defensive department. As speak in the Pentagon, videorecording of rocket start was is artificial is connected to record of movement of the submarine.