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Destructions on the Leningrad prospectus have appeared on a hand to Moscow

Having looked out in windows, they with surprise have found out that the line part - doubler Lenigradki has left under the earth and the gaping hole of the impressive sizes was formed. The crumpled masts of street illumination stuck out of it and... The truck which has turned over upwards by wheels.

Has done without victims only thanks to that time was later and movement on a line not so recovered, as in the afternoon.

Into place there have immediately arrived rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, regional militia, city special services Mosgortransa, Mosvodokanal and Mosgorsveta. Experts have made check being in a zone of a failure of heating mains, electric cables and communication cables. Any time around state of emergency all communications have been completely disconnected. The local residents, trying to glance in a road underworld, persistently asked to return to the apartments. Some hours by means of a special equipment emergency brigades, swearing, got from a hole got stuck in it KamAZ . And only about eight mornings operation has been finished. Experts could start liquidation of consequences of a failure. Two building cranes took from - under the earths pieces of asphalt and metal designs. Cars with sand have approached. A hole have started to fall asleep.

According to the employee of department of propagation of the Moscow Management of traffic police Maxim Galushko, yesterday all the day long movement on a highway from metro station the Falcon around Marina Raskovoj`s area to air terminal it has been blocked. Car inspectors took great pain razrulit a gloomy multikilometer stopper. In addition on Monday on all Leningradke did not go trolley buses. The reason in a lamppost which, falling in a hole, has torn off wires.

- Instead of trolley buses under the prospectus thirty buses have been started up, - has informed representative Mosgortransa Olga Terno. - Buses followed strictly on trolleybus routes. Only at movement from the underground the Falcon in the centre they went round five stops, located in immediate proximity from a scene. And on the way from the centre stopped everywhere where it is necessary. In case of need buses will go on the same routes and today.

Representatives of a capital underground have hastened to calm Muscovites and have declared that the Zamoskvoretsky line of the underground as a result of a ground failure has not suffered. we do not test any problems - has told the employee a press - services of the Moscow underground of Evgenie Morozova.

two basic versions of the happened Are put forward.

- infringements at carrying out of civil work as nearby there is a building In the present state of affairs could take place. Fault to all could become and the failed out-of-date communications. Why them have not replaced in time, it is necessary to find out, - Andrey Nekrasov has told to the correspondent fulfilling duties savelovskogo the interdistrict public prosecutor. - in the near future guilty will be established and will be punished.

Versions of Office of Public Prosecutor are supported also by city diggers. The head of group Diggerspas Vadim Mihajlov who has visited yesterday on the Leningrad prospectus, admitted: In this place we still have fixed one month ago leak of water from a waterpipe. We warned representatives of persons that water can wash away a ground under road and there will be a collapse. Already then it were available all signs of possible failure - on a line the big cracks " were formed;.

As has informed a press - the secretary of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Tsoy, Yury Luzhkov has been in due time informed about happened and has operatively instructed in failure liquidation.

Tsoy also has noticed that errors at building so-called " became one of its principal causes; walls in a ground during erection of a multipurpose complex on the Leningrad prospectus. Their building company " has admitted; Top florae - invest which acts genpodrjadchikom this building (under the data, one of daughters AFK System ) . Builders have dug a foundation ditch depth of 15 metres, in the width about 80 metres and length more than 100 metres. City public utilities and representatives of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on the city of Moscow have found out carrying out of a sandy ground from - for protecting designs - that wall in a ground. Underground waters have filtered through it and for a long time washed away a ground from - under proezzhej parts of the doubler of the Leningrad prospectus. The second reason happened names that these works directed as a whole on water fall, were conducted too long - within three months.

As Tsoy, " has underlined; all fault for happened entirely lies on the building company. To it the account for all losses suffered by a city will be exposed: during restoration of a road cloth, illumination system. Cleaning of territory and mental cruelty for the inconveniences caused to citizens .

Strangely enough it sounds, despite the caused destructions and complications in traffic on the Leningrad prospectus if it is possible so to say, have appeared to Moscow even on a hand. After all all one week ago as Sergey Tsoy, Yury Luzhkov at session of public town-planning council has reminded at the mayor has categorically opposed building of an underground hall of the Bolshoi theatre. That is characteristic, doubts in the mayor first of all were caused by the offer to take away underground waters under the Theatre square just by means of the same wall in a ground. It long tried to find out at designers, whether they are assured of how she will lead, and whether there will be spectators of the Bolshoi theatre, happen that, in a trap more than on dvadtsatimetrovoj to depth. Without having received then the distinct answer, the mayor has demanded carrying out of additional inspection without which the city authorities have refused to give the good to the project of Federal agency on culture and cinematography. But now - that is available quite evident picture of that could occur on the Theatre square. As civil work all the same there should conduct Top florae - invest .

but while the reasons happened on the Leningrad prospectus are named only presumably. The commission on investigation of failure which the first deputy the head strojkompleksa has headed capitals Alexander Kosovan should make a definitive conclusion.

the Inquiry

the Capital failed under the earth:

on August, 3rd, 2005. The road cloth on outer side of the Garden ring near house N1 on Garden - Kudrinsky street has given. On a line the hole in the size ten on fifteen metres and depth more than three metres was formed. In it on full speed has driven KamAZ . By a lucky chance then nobody has suffered. The driver of the truck has got off light.

on August, 4th, 2005. Washed away by sewage, the road in Jauzsky street, opposite to house N3 has failed.

on June, 5th, 2001. In street Nagornoj the ground has fallen off, was formed huge 40 - a metre hole.

on May, 14th, 1998. This day there was one of the greatest collapses. On the Big Dmitrovka under the earth entirely cunningly old building. On a place of state of emergency the enormous hole by depth twenty seven, width twenty four and length thirty nine metres was formed.