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Yury Luzhkov: Corporate raid in Moscow has gone on recession

last year in Moscow the peak of captures of the enterprises, and captures refined was marked, - the mayor has noted. - but counteraction to this phenomenon and a law celebration have yielded the results, zahvatnichestvo has gone on recession .

the Capital knows on own bitter experience that such corporate raid. From his hand tens factories and the factories which marks were known to the world have fallen. Stands up for corporate raid, as a rule, one: desire of firms specialising on it on cheap stuff to buy up enterprise actions, to close manufacture and to throw out its workers on street. And territory to use with bolshej for itself benefit. In Moscow where deficiency of the earth day by day all more sharply, its each scrap is appreciated really worth its weight in gold. Having caught the earth, new owners, as a rule, especially do not stand on ceremony. Fast cover manufacture and build on its place either the next shopping centre, or the so-called multipurpose centre where there is a place and to restaurants, both cinemas, and boutiques, and hotels, moreover and offices for the tenancy which deficiency in capital too does this business by the extremely profitable.

Yury Luzhkov considers corporate raid the antisocial and antilawful phenomenon . It with satisfaction ascertained that the efforts undertaken by the Moscow authorities together with judicial bodies, have led to decrease in number of cases of unfriendly captures of the enterprises. about 200 courts has passed on such facts in the Moscow arbitration system - the mayor has noted.

Simultaneously with it at the initiative of executive power the Moscow City Council has passed the law of a city of Moscow which has forbidden to reorientate a functional purpose of this or that site of city territory without the knowledge of the city authorities. That is if in a ground cadastre appears that the earth is taken away under industrial production nobody has the right to take and construct on it an apartment house or, say, wholesale base. Lawful erection of such object becomes only in case the decision of the government of Moscow in this respect is accepted. And it, you see, quite another matter than to be driven to the unfair official with an envelope in hands.

What result of all this work? As the head of department on economic safety of a city of Moscow Alexander Korsak has told to the correspondent, the number of references of shareholders and heads concerning threats of capture of their enterprises was reduced with 151 in 2003 to 64 for eight months 2006. It became essential less and direct attempts of power capture of titbits of the capital property: if in their 2004 it has been fixed 35, from the beginning of current year only 1.

Alexander Korsak considers that the problem still exists, but the situation any more does not look such hopeless, and actions of the authorities such helpless as still it is literally several years ago. Entirely will relieve not only capital, but also all country of threat of destruction of industrial potential acceptance of some amendments to the federal legislation. Projects of these documents are submitted for a long time for consideration members of parliament from Ohotnij rjad so their decisions expect now most of all Moscow authorities. After all, as Yury Luzhkov has noted, the earth cost in other regions more raises, the it is more danger of distribution of power captures already in their territories.