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In 2010 in Moscow suburbs will open metro station

the Mayor has not casually counted on prolongation of this branch of the Moscow underground: today for inhabitants of Mitino and Strogino all roads to city centre merge in one - they should reach on post-horses to metro stations Shchukinsky and Glider . As a result of an electric train on Tagansko - the Krasnopresnensky branch of underground for a long time any more do not maintain loading of a volume of passenger traffic. However next year a situation at last - that will cardinally exchange.

By the end of 2007 Mitinsko - the Stroginsky site of Arbatsko - the Pokrovsk line should be finished, so inhabitants of Strogino can reach directly on an underground not only in Krylatsky and back, but also to Arbat . Should be simultaneously handed over and other underground piece - Victory Park - Kuntsevsky (with intermediate station Slavic parkway Around a fork of the Kutuzovsky prospectus and Old Rublevsky highway). Thereby considerably will unload and severo - the western site of Tagansko - the Krasnopresnensky line working now on a limit of technical possibilities.

the Town governor has explained that thus an operating site of the Filevsky line from station Kuntsevsky to station Krylatsky will be a part of an under construction site of Arbatsko - the Pokrovsk line that will allow to reduce more than in one and a half time time in a way for strogintsev and mitintsev. According to Luzhkov, for site building between station Krylatsky and the inhabited file in Strogino had been found the unique design decision - to use for movement metropoezdov the bottom level under construction severo - the western automobile tunnel under the Serebrjannoborsky forest area.

the Underground complex will represent two two-level transport combined tunnels plus a service tunnel between them, the total length of a tunnel will make about 1,5 kilometres. Between severo - the western tunnel and station Strogino in the long term will construct station to the Trinity - Lykovo while on this place the emergency exit will be built.

At those who has got used to dive in an underground at present terminal station Krylatsky the prospect of occurrence of new final stops, certainly, causes a question. Whether they can, as before, without a crush and vanity to reach to the centre or adjoined to them new passengers from Mitino and Strogino will occupy empty seats, having entered into a train earlier, and old residents should stand all road? A question actual: after all in Mitino will appear at once three new stations: except with the same name Mitino still Volokolamsk and Rozhdestveno (Names while workers). The chief of underground Dmitry Gaev has assured journalists that the overload anyway will not be: New stroginskim a site in 2007 of the underground it will be picked up to station Kuntsevsky the station " will open; Kuntsevsky the second (the inquiry), that the basic volume of passenger traffic from Krylatsky, with " see; Youth and with Kuntsevsky has changed on the Stroginsky line: thus to Kiev they will reach through Victory Park . This way to the centre will appear faster: the person will save 7 - 8 minutes. And old the Filevsky line will turn practically to a line of easy underground. It will work from the Aleksandrovsky garden to Kuntsevsky and from the Aleksandrovsky garden to International . Only in this case there will be a possibility to start up approximately to 20 trains at an o`clock. That is the interval will make three minutes.

Today as Luzhkov has noted, there are the most difficult works on a tunnel lining on Stroginsko - the Mitinsky site. On one of pieces in length of 1,8 kilometres it was possible to combine ways of underground with an automobile tunnel of the under construction Zvenigorodsky prospectus - on the top site of a tunnel it will be located three strips of a highway, and in the bottom part will place underground ways.

However, station Strogino hardly becomes extreme: the mayor has added that in 2010 the Moscow underground will fall outside the limits MKAD and in Moscow suburbs territory will build station Mjakininsky . On a plan of designers it will appear in Mjakininsky pojme the Moskva River near to new administratively - the public centre of Moscow Region.

the Inquiry:

Station Kuntsevsky in the near future should be put on reconstruction. The modernisation project includes lengthening of an existing platform to 162 metres, and also building of a new platform. On a place of technically out-of-date constructions will erect new transfer knot.