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Leonid Radzihovsky: In the Russian Academy of Sciences it is necessary to put things in order

By unwritten rules of craft after that it is necessary to pass to other themes. But last week there was so important event in life of the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientific community as a whole what not to tell about they be time undertook to write on a science theme - it is absolutely impossible. As this event on advantage has not been estimated by our society - and this indifference in itself is extremely indicative.

Permanent crisis in which from the end 1980 - h there is an academy, has passed in a new stage. And not the fact that in a recover stage.

In the latest years the financial situation of academy changes for the better - and here splashes of petrodollars reach. The budget of the Russian Academy of Sciences makes about 20 billion roubles, almost billion dollars - the sum of which scientists and could not dream about 10 years ago. Certainly, and it is absolutely not enough this money. But it becomes unconditional money more, and the situation in a science is not becomes better.

brain drain Proceeds. The best Russian scientists, which names speak nothing to general public, but are perfectly known in the scientific world - such as winners of the Fildsovsky award (the higher award for mathematicians) Grigory Morgulis, Andrey Okunkov, Vladimir Voevodsky, Efim Zelmanov which could be the centre of branch of mathematics of Academy of Sciences, work in the USA. The strongest schools of thought break up, institutes, such, as the Theoretical physics, making glory of the Russian science are exsanguinated. And as it is known, to restore the interrupted scientific tradition it is almost impossible.

School of thought - a thing the most thin. Financing - a condition necessary, but is far not the sufficient. Freedom, respect, prestige - atmosphere without which intellectual creativity fades, turns to day labour. By the way, it such statesmen, as Lenin and Stalin which nobody will suspect of love to intellectual freedom perfectly understood. But they knew that without the Big Science it is impossible to carry out their strategic plans - and, at least, in every possible way lifted prestige of scientific work, prestige of scientific corporation, that academy. Certainly, AN the USSR politically submitted to the CPSU Central Committee, but kept thus the autonomy, a lead was so long how much it in general is possible within a management system. All know that Kapitsa argued with Beriej, has not obeyed also it have left on freedom. Understood: and officials - it is a lot of toadies, Kapitsa - one. There is no need to remind that the power so anything and could not on - to the present to make with Saharovym, and the academy has refused to exclude it from the numbers.

That occurs now?

On Thursday, on September, 7th, has passed session of the government which will play an exclusive role in the history of academy of Sciences.

the Central theme in an open part sessions there was a discussion of prospects of development nanotehnology in Russia. It has been told even that this theme has the same value today, as bomb creation in 1940 - e years. By the way, with it all experts agree not. Some of them consider that owing to traditions and a current situation it is necessary to search for our competitive advantage not in catching up with technologies already existing in the world, and in developing new, proryvnye directions in a science. At the time of the USSR exclusive results here have been received - to remember invention of lasers or successes of the Soviet mathematics which have laid down in a basis of original directions in computer facilities enough. At the same time such successes in creation of mass technologies (short of besides piece manufacture Products VPK) was not. In a word, in our traditions - is faster scientific Lefthanders than the technological conveyor.

But whoever was right, it is pleasant that the government seriously lifts problems of a science and high technologies.

Understands the government and communication of these problems with destiny of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Therefore in the second why - that closed though its results became there and then known for all, parts of session of the government just and the question on reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences was discussed.

the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences is confirmed henceforth by the president of the country, the Charter of the Russian Academy of Sciences confirms the government, it will confirm number of academicians and a member-correspondent, powers of academy regarding the order are considerably limited by its budget.

Partly in these decisions there is nothing new: for example, de - fakto the president of academy and now is confirmed by the president of the country. Partly these decisions are reasonable: Reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the general opinion, is necessary, great traditions great traditions, but during the last years in the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed, as speak, absolutely others traditions for example, concerning delivery of premises in rent, scientific masters struggle for square metres and etc. the Order here, really, it is necessary to direct.

At last, this variant even the compromise: after all minobrnauki suggested to abolish actually in general the Russian Academy of Sciences, to take away from it property, having left academy only as club of outstanding scientists (so business in all academies of the world is). This offer was accepted scientists in bayonets - and here is born intermediate a variant.

the Question in how much it is optimum.

In - the first, for scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences there can be obidna its form. On the Russian Academy of Sciences did not consult - it backdating inform on the decision its destinies.

In - the second if the Russian Academy of Sciences turns in one more department That again and sharply goes down prestige of academy in the opinion of the world scientific community and the Russian society. Whether the academy begins to work from it better?

In - the third, strengthening external chinovnogo supervision will promote hardly to free intellectual atmosphere in the academy. And after all such atmosphere - a basis of scientific work.

In - the fourth, such decision reduces real territory of that civil society in Russia.

Yes, in the Russian Academy of Sciences it is necessary to put things in order. But nasazhivat academy on a skewer all the same verticals - at all the best way of the decision of this problem. The reasonable decision could be absolutely other - to help scientists to reform openly the academy, freely, on a competitive basis to select a new, enjoying authority management, to offer plans for development of a science and etc.

In a word, it is possible to pull administrative reins - and it is possible to release them. Interesting, in what case a horse by name the Science will pull forward a cart of the problems facing the country more likely?

theme Continuation - in interview of academician Yury Osipov.