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In South Ossetia will pass a referendum about independence of republic

According to the chairman of committee on the information and the press of South Ossetia of Irina Gagloevoj, on a power referendum will take out only one question: whether you Agree so that South Ossetia has kept the status of the independent state and has been recognised by the international community?

In Tskhinvali consider that the referendum once again will confirm results of a referendum of 1992 in which course citizens of South Ossetia have supported independence. The majority of them the Russian passports already have, and since last month in unrecognized republic began to give out passports already to South Ossetia.

On referendum carrying out to Tskhinvali have decided to go after the whole series of incidents which to a limit have aggravated conditions in region. After bombardment jugoosetinskimi military men of the Georgian helicopter on which board there was a Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakly Okruashvili, firing in a zone Georgian - jugoosetinskogo the conflict began to occur hardly probable not daily.

And as the plenipotentiary of the president of unrecognized republic South Ossetia in Russia Dmitry Medoev has declared: We expect a situation aggravation. It is assured that Tbilisi will try to break a referendum .

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in connection with last incidents in a zone Georgian - the South Ossetia conflict has called the authorities of Georgia and South Ossetia to show the maximum restraint for prevention of the incidents, capable to outgrow in the large-scale armed opposition.