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Fursenko has filled up the list of teachers which extra charges

With this decision validity rely get extra charges in one thousand roubles for class teachers suvorovskih, nahimovskih schools, military schools, schools and boarding schools, and also evening schools at educational colonies, boarding schools for children - orphans and educational institutions of sanatorium type.

we Will remind that one year ago when the president of the country has brought an education sphere in priority national projects, class steel extra charges one of the first points of a raising of prestige of domestic teachers. However a quarter later after national project start it was found out that of the list of extra charges have oddly dropped out more than 80 thousand teachers. Since January, 1st, 2006 one thousand roubles to the salary was not received by teachers of so-called correctional schools, evening and cadet educational institutions. The Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko has declared at a meeting with the president that an error, in which result such considerable category of teachers has dropped out from the national project, has been admitted at a stage of acceptance of the budget of 2006.

Now, let and backdating but the forgotten teachers have brought in the ministerial list of those to whom extra charges are put. According to the head of Federal agency by training Grigory Balyhina, in August, 2006 to subjects of the Russian Federation it has been listed more than 2 billion roubles on payments of extra charges for 10 months to the categories of teachers not considered earlier.