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Actual left learn to love allies on uniform party

Feelings was much - and Main board RPP session have spent in the closed mode. We will remind that about two weeks ago Russian party of LIFE led by the speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov, party the Native land which Alexander Babakov now supervises, and RPP with its chairman Igor Zotovym declared intention to unite and create the new party project actual left .

it is clear that the contribution of each of three parties will not be equivalent, but here one problem at all three structures the general - it is necessary to explain the decision made by a capital management to a regional active.

In Main board RPP session have taken part about 40 Party members as to a usual administrative board 19 more representatives from regions were added. Outwardly all has passed quite in a civilised way: TSS has voted and by date of new congress - on October, 28th, and on group promotion peregovorshchikov from four persons.

in general, all understand that it is necessary to hurry up: on elections on October, 8th parties go separately, on December, 3rd - on elections in the Perm edge - too separately, but to March elections next year it is already necessary to generate uniform lists so, till the end of the year it is necessary to have time to spend merge.