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Russians will get the driver`s licence of the European sample

In what the reason documentary changes, and than new driver`s licences will differ from the present?

the Chief of Department of safety of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Victor Kiryanov has declared that Russians will receive driver`s licences of the European sample. It would Seem, at us they and so not African: here already over ten years in our rights of record in two languages.

It appears, dvujazychija, in the document it is not enough plastic packing and colour photo to correspond to the international standards. We catastrophically lag behind by quantity of driver`s categories. And catastrophically in literal sense. From - for that that real skills of the driver no means always correspond klassnosti, specified in its certificate, on roads people quite often perish.

At us only five driver`s categories: And - motorcycles, In - Cars in weight to 3,5 tons, that is legkovushki, With - trucks, D - buses, where more than eight sedentary places, and E - trucks with the trailer. Whether it is normal?

the Main car inspector of the country Victor Kiryanov is convinced: abnormally. As he said, no means always the teenager who is going for a drive with the rights of a category And on a moped, can dissect with the same document on powerful bajke with volume of the engine of 500 cubic centimetres. Therefore categories in our certificates becomes almost three times more.

For example, the same category And will shatter on age and a class two-wheeled a horse .

the Same will occur and with legkovushkami: different categories will be at those who goes by usual midget cars, and who on jeeps. Will divide also drivers of gazelles and the big buses. To the correspondent Have told in Department of safety of traffic that introduction of 14 driver`s categories is supposed:

the Inquiry

1 - a moped, the scooter with volume of the engine less

50 cubic centimetres;

And - a motorcycle with volume of the engine more than 50 cubic centimetres (this category will give only to the citizens who have reached established law of age);

1 - a sidecar machine with volume of the engine more than 50 cubic centimetres;

In - the car with full weight

to 3,5 tons;

1 - The lorry with full weight

to 3,5 tons;

With - the lorry with full weight from above

3,5 tons;

D1 - a minibus with number of places to 9;

D - the bus with number of places from above 9;

1 - the category lorry 1 with the trailer;

SE - the category lorry SE with the trailer;

D1 - a category minibus D1 with the trailer;

DE - the category bus D with the trailer.

That is unpleasant, changing lost or with the expired term the certificate, the driver, probably, will pass examination if its vehicle falls under a new category. For example, if in the certificate there is a category In and the citizen goes for a drive on gazelles it is necessary to it to prove the right to a stamp D1 .

And the jeep will fall under a category 1 .

there will be also one more nou - hau for the sake of which, by the way, in Europe and the world too there is a mass replacement of driver`s documents which will be now the uniform sample, despite of the country. It is connected with struggle against terror.

In each certificate will introduce an electronic microchip where all information on the owner and its vehicle will be written down: Insurance presence, technical condition of the car, checkup passage who the owner of the car or operates by proxy what and when infringements have been admitted, whether are paid penalties, a photo and the biometric data of the driver. The inspector can identify at once the person of the person and its car, reveal the car thief or the stolen car, without sending inquiries in other countries. And the driver should not drag with itself lots of documents.

As a matter of fact, the driver`s licence can quite replace obshchegrazhdansky the passport. Actually, in the West and occurs.

However, there is one subtlety: from the document it will be possible to consider all information only by means of the special terminal which should be established either in a patrol car, or on a stationary post. To get access to this terminal, the inspector should insert into the device the personal electronic card - a key. That is any interested person cannot rummage in gaishnoj to a card file, and the personal data of the inspector which has shown interest to the driver`s file, remain in memory of the computer. On the other hand, to check such document by eye, without special equipment senselessly. Easier so to rise at a crossroads with a striped staff and strictly to demand the right, to receive any bribe, it will not turn out any more - clever technics, hope in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will help to cope with bribery on roads.

it is clear, as to forge such rights or to crack a microchip it is almost impossible without special confidential and very expensive equipment. Electronic machine tools on which all it becomes, are only at the enterprises Goznaka . Here such protection of databases. About all the same as with introduction of new international passports with the biometric data.

it is clear, that the system has earned, it is necessary to do huge and expensive work: To unite all databases of GAI, to combine them with information police banks of the European Union, to equip with equipment and to provide access to uniform information base of all GAI officers.

Victor Kiryanov asserts that the new form of the Russian driver`s licence is already developed by Eurocommission and sent on the coordination in the United Nations. It is expected that by the end of the year the international community will give the kind .

it is not clear Yet as GAI officers pereekzamenovyvat on new categories intend: only at replacement of driver`s licences or at once after purchase of the new vehicle which is not entered in parametres of the old rights? Whether will bring in connection with an innovation any changes in Traffic regulations, a passing examinations order, whether examination questions will change? Cost of the certificate, terms of its reception and action is not defined - whether they will be limited, as present, for ten years, or become constants.

In Department of safety of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia assert that no additional problems at citizens with introduction of new driver`s licences will arise. The rights will be replaced not at once at everything, and as required: when will expire period of validity of old certificates or, for example, in connection with loss of documents.