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Authorities of the capital intend to reduce twice number of failures

In capital almost three million cars and eight tenth drivers it is possible to regard as potential murderers or suicides - Valery Kozlov, the doctor of medical sciences, the professor and it the president of fund " speaks; the Human factor . Roads are full of people who do not know and do not observe traffic regulations. But the most terrible consists that people often are not capable to estimate soberly the behaviour at the wheel. Influence of the human factor on the driver never simply in Russia was studied. if in aircraft where the pilot tests nervous loading, nenamnogo exceeding loading of the driver, on this theme hundreds proceedings, about driving - any " are written; - with bitterness speaks Goats.

we Will begin with driving school. There to the future driver will in detail explain the device of the driveshaft which many never in life and will not see. But the elementary psychological testing which purpose - to understand, and whether there are at the person in general abilities to driving, is not spent. It after all only outwardly all so is simple - villages and has gone. Actually, Valery Kozlov tells, car driving consists at once of four kinds of activity: directly mechanical control, discretion, interaction with other participants and orientations to districts. Wonder, how many to you it is necessary time to learn to do all it simultaneously. Foty-minute testing will show, whether it is enough you stressoustojchivy as the weariness, what attention at you influences, reaction, whether you are able to analyze a situation, whether good memory at you and etc.

On road will depend on these qualities your life. For example, after a long way of road accident often occur, when the person already approaches on the house. Will relax, and the situation there and then leaves from - under control. Or, having got it hot from the heads, in a stress condition starts to raise speed, splashing out emotions on road, and abilities to driving from - for hassles have already decreased. And still from - for weariness lateral sight is lost, the person starts to see only that occurs directly ahead of it. As a result of the road accident, which reason in the report state - has not managed to drive . But words about a psychological condition.

the General course of driving schools seldom when exceeds ones and a half - two months. Hastily napihav in a head of listeners of the rule, which many it is rare in a condition to understand and realise, the instructor pushes out the pupil on brisk street - a pier, will understand therein. And that the person cannot understand in any way, why in the car three pedals, when at it only two feet very few people excites. But also it still half-troubles. Worse that in driving schools incorrect rules of behaviour are put in a root. For example, there speak: include povorotnik to warn about the maneuver.

- And if pride and arrogance do not allow the person someone about something to warn? - Valery Kozlov asks. - therefore he needs to explain that povorotnik include first of all that have not crippled you and your car, instead of for the sake of the favour to someone.

Still an example. Learn in driving schools that it is necessary to predict, that is to predict situations on a line. And it is necessary to train to prepare in that can occur. For example, approaching on the main road on a crossroads on which there is a car, it is better to brake, because it is not known, how the driver will lead - to leave to itself maneuver possibility better. As and at journey blind turns - never it is impossible to increase speed and to get out in the left number: and suddenly behind turn someone rushes on a counter strip? If to prepare for such difficult places on road, driving will be really safe, - speaks Goats. Also summarises: - silently to go, mind " is necessary;.

to enclose in heads of those who is going to sit down for a wheel, all these simple psychological trues, it is necessary to enter in driving schools at least eight hours special automobile psychology and cardinally to reconsider programs of training which many years did not change. But also 80 those percent who already drives for a long time cars, too need psychological training.

Leonid Lipsits, the head of the capital centre of the organisation of movement Agree with it. driving schools have turned to the commercial enterprises where the stream which gives money " is important only; - he speaks. Defective formation of drivers often supplements them turned psychology. Pristegivanie a seat belt or a high-speed mode, for example, the majority of townspeople perceive as restriction of a personal liberty or as means for enrichment of inspectors of traffic police. Therefore infringers of rules go almost in heroes. Though what here heroism if almost each of points of traffic regulations is written in a literal sense by blood? In particular, excess of speed of all on twenty kilometres per hour has killed not one thousand person. For example, half a year back all capital journalistic brotherhood was indignant concerning that to driver Eldaru Bicharovu of a distance two years conditionally that, being late in sport club, it was developed through the double continuous. Stopped by the inspector, Bicharov has tried to pay off with a bribe. And here that on road have drawn a line not to prevent Eldaru to get to a gym, and trying to save its and others from failure, has come to to nobody mind.

- Earlier, without being able to operate yet car, the person already saw that nobody parks at stops, does not break rules. With such installations people also came to study in driving, - tells Lipsits, - Now on roads all see rudeness, neglect rules. On it also equal. And meanwhile program introduction the Human factor and the car is capable to lower quantity of road accident on 50 - 60 percent and for 20 percent to raise throughput of streets. It is statistics of the countries where such programs already work. Agree, impressive figures, considering that daily in Moscow occurs about thousand incidents.

Unfortunately, the capital can enter, for example, employment for younger schoolboys, is more rigid supervise activity of driving schools. But licences driving schools department of formation which to traffic safety has rather indirect relation. Whether it was better, if their work was supervised by traffic polices or transport and communication department? But the order is established by the federal centre. To make changes to the program of training for reception of a driving licence too business of federal soldiers. Therefore the programs similar Moscow, are now considered in the All-Russia traffic police, the Ministry of transport of Russia, the Federation Council.

Leonid Lipsits considers, that to revive drivers and to generate the healthy driver`s environment, it is required three years. So the main thing - to begin.