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Papers of the Pope will remain for descendants

In interview to the Polish radio Dzhivich named Karolja Wojtyla`s documents invaluable treasure, fine texts on the most different themes which should be kept for the future generations . The archbishop also has informed that all papers will be carefully studied and put in order . And only after that they become property of the public.

Dzhivich which have become by secretary Karolja Wojtyla in 1966 and since then not leaving instructor, has made this decision in spite of the fact that it contradicts last will of the dead. According to the will of the Pope made in 1979, all its private papers and notes should be destroyed. To execute it the late pontifex has charged personally to the secretary. But, according to Dzhivicha, in this case its fidelity to Karolju Wojtyla and its doctrine has moved a sense of responsibility.

to One of the reasons of such act was that these documents can help with a recognition of the late Father to the sacred.

Besides, Dzhivich has told that for many years works with Wojtyla he kept the detailed diary which size has reached 27 volumes. The archbishop intends to publish and these records as hopes that they will be useful to historians, after all Dzhivich was not simply the secretary, but also John Pavel II authorised representative. It accompanied the pontifex during trips, spoke from his name with visitors, checked authenticity of its signature and solved, to whom to give honour personally to meet the head of the Roman Catholic church. It is no wonder, what exactly Dzhivichu Wojtyla has charged to execute the last will. However Dzhivich has decided to arrive on - to the.