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Hepatitis flash has laid on hospital cots of inhabitants of Rzhev

Problems with health at rzhevitjan have begun still on May, 30th, when in infectious branch of the central regional hospital with the diagnosis a hepatitis And has arrived twenty persons. On May, 31st the diseased was nine, every other day already twelve. All next days the quantity of the hospitalised grew in a geometrical progression.

As Ljubov Smirnova has told to the correspondent the chief of department of epidemiological supervision of Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers and well-being of the person across the Tver region, besides inhabitants of Rzhev epidemic has extended on three neighbouring villages and the city of the Teeth located nearby to Rzhev. To hospitalise all diseased, it was necessary to reorientate temporarily four branches Rzhev TSRB. At the majority of victims disease proceeds in the form of moderate severity level.

the commission of experts on investigation of state of emergency should answer a question that became the reason of flash of a hepatitis, in the near future.