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Michael Jackson waits for a sentence

the King of bottoms - music Michael Jackson is “ the prudent predator using alcohol and a pornography for temptation and zamanivanija of children in the forbidden world of sexual harassments “. Such is the main argument of the statement made charge in concluding remarks on business of the well-known American singer.

Litigation concerning an idol of millions fans of the music, begun almost four months ago, at last - that has reached the culmination point. Michael Jackson`s destiny now completely is in hands of jurymen. They should take out a definitive verdict.

we Will remind that Jackson is accused of judicial harassments to 13 - to summer Gavinu Arvizo. In fault attempts violently also are incriminated to it to keep the minor teenager and members of his family in territory of the Californian ranch. In a case if to it the verdict of “not guilty“ will not be taken out, to the singer threatens till 20 years of imprisonment.

Jackson`s Lawyers tried to present its victim of false charges which have been put forward when mother Gavina Arvizo, transferred heavy cancer disease, has understood that the singer has stopped to finance its huge inquiries.

Despite constant encouragement from a family, at all sessions behind the back of Michael Jackson there were his parents and brothers, its behaviour was frequent rather inadequate. Recently the king of bottoms - music looked especially suppressed. According to its representative, in a question of the further destiny Jackson now hopes only for one Lord.

Sergey Chirkin

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