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The first dismissals after a fuel and energy crisis

We were going to discuss today problems which we have faced 24 - on May, 25th this year during a fuel and energy crisis in Moscow, Moscow Region, in some other regions of Russia.

First of all I want to notice that natural accidents always were and, probably, unfortunately, always will be. With technogenic we face in increasing frequency in different regions of the world. At the same time progress in science and technicians bears in itself not only threats, but also hopes of development and possibility of overcoming of these threats. Depends only on people - how much we can use these achievements effectively to counteract these threats, to expect possible approach of negative consequences, to prevent them or at least to minimise.

Thereupon I want to note first of all harmonious work of technical services of federal governing bodies which for a minute have not admitted failure in a country government in spite of the fact that all centre of Moscow has been actually disconnected.

I Want to note the harmonious and professional work in Armed forces, the Ministry of Defence and the Joint Staff which also for one minute have not admitted failure in management of armies, have not admitted for one minute of failure in management of systems of safety of the country and the Moscow region. I want to thank all ordinary workers of Ministry of Health, transport services of a city, area, other regions of the country - in general all citizens who have shown courage and the responsible actions, the responsible behaviour occurrence of possible serious consequences have helped to avoid.

But today we were going to analyse actions of those who as obliges should operate effectively.

As worked power and some other services? In country electric power industry thousand the people, betrayed to the business and, certainly, being good, real professionals work. But speech today not about them. Speech about those to whom the destiny of power of Russia is entrusted in full sense.

During the last years the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ has achieved variety of serious positive results in the activity. It is necessary to carry financial improvement of the company, commissioning to them of some the large objects of power vital and necessary for the country and some other achievements.

At the same time the failures which have become frequent recently in work of electropower systems - only during the latest time, here on a table lie documents - Krasnodar, Reutovo, Saratov, Sochi and here - Moscow, Moscow Region, Tula, Ryazan, - all is a sign of obvious system problems in management.

We did not prevent to result to a Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ management on key posts in system of electric power industry of new people. However practice of last time shows what insufficiently to be simply good economist, insufficiently skilfully to operate financial streams, actions, corporate procedures or real estate successfully, effectively to operate such huge and vital branch for the country. It is necessary to be still the professional to understand value of one small small screw in a huge power system of the country. To understand, how much important in due time to pay attention to any cheap transformer and in what can result untimely or its supernumerary service.

And only I ask not to speak today about a lack of financing or absence of money. The data which at me are, and it is the data of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“, show that the company net profit in 2004 has made approximately 55 billion roubles. It about 2 billion dollars. Net profit “ Mosenergo “ - 4,5 billion roubles. Thus board of directors “ Mosenergo “ recommended to pay as dividends almost 1 billion roubles for 2004 that in one and a half time more than in 2003. It is necessary to check up still real tax loading on the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ recently. Where money from actual privatisation of so-called not profile actives leaves? Why large objects of real estate in Moscow, in the centre of Moscow, receive proprietors in Cyprus? Where money is spent? Should notice that the ministry of the industry and power has not adjusted properly control over company activity.

And to repair - that of all was necessary four transformers on 180 thousand roubles. There is a question: what, it was not known about necessity of such repair? No, it appears, knew. Money allocated. Why have not made in time?

Rostehnadzor marks also breakdown of service of the equipment and some other problems.

At last, I pay attention and to structural changes. I do not call into question necessity of these changes, but they are proved only in the event that lead to work improvement, instead of to deterioration.

Since April, 1st, 2005 “ Mosenergo “ it is divided into 14 different companies. The proprietor of this unfortunate Chaginsky substation is one company, and its other company maintains. It is not assured, whether you could distribute the powers and effectively co-ordinate the activity. “ mosenergodispetchirovanie “ it is divided into 3 parts. Uniform management has not appeared.

And the last. What preliminary conclusions, anyway in public sphere, have been made by a management of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ and “ Mosenergo “? I with surprise have heard reasonings about it managements “ Mosenergo “ - reasonings on necessity sharp - in times - increases of tariffs for the electric power. Ostensibly in order to avoid possible energy crises in the future.

I Consider that it simply blackmail for the purpose of achievement of group and corporate interests at the expense of the consumer. Actually - at the expense of all society.

I pay attention of the chairman of the government to cynicism and obvious professional unfitness of a management “ Mosenergo “. Here from this point on we will begin more in detail.

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a fuel and energy crisis

Head “ Mosenergo “ Arcady Evstafev past Saturday has submitted in
resignation. So career " has disgracefully ended; the person with a box from - under
the copier “ in which it during Boris Yeltsin`s last elections took out
from the White house of 500 thousand dollars.

Then this history has not prevented were a press - to Anatoly Chubays`s secretary to hold a post of the head of joint-stock company “ Mosenergo “. 9 years, that the diagnosis - " Were required; special cynicism and an unsuitability for a profession “ it was put by president Vladimir Putin. So it is quite possible that authorities of the capital should even be grateful to Chaginsky substation failure on which has forced the Kremlin to listen to them. After all about utterly worthless management in the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ Yury Luzhkov and its command spoke nearly from first days of occurrence of Evstafeva at the head of a capital power supply system.

- it is surprising, as heads “ Mosenergo “ managed to put all upside down, - Sergey Ambartsumjan literally on the eve of discussion was perplexed in conversation with the correspondent of the deputy head capital strojkompleksa in Is new - Ogarevo of a situation in power branch.

- Moscow, for example, they reproached that builds too much and almost autocratically spends unreasonably a lot of electric power. But after all it is known that any building will not begin until its project will not be co-ordinated in all instances, including in “ Mosenergo “. But the main thing - even in other. Charge to capital absurdly basically. It reminds the annoyed owner of a supermarket who would take suddenly and has declared to the visitors: “ What it all of you to me prete and prete? It is not enough you, whether that, other shops? “ but in trade with its daily competitive struggle for each buyer such it is impossible even to present. Heads “ Mosenergo “ the similar approach considered in the nature of things. Instead of rejoicing to that demand for the electric power grows in capital on 4 - 5 percent every year, and to do all for its satisfaction, they declared struggle to consumers.

- As a result “ Mosenergo “ for last 15 years has entered only 12 megawatt of new capacities, - the first deputy of the mayor, head of a complex of municipal economy Peter Aksenov was indignant on Saturday in conversation with the correspondent. Is at deficiency of 1,5 thousand megawatt.

“ About a lack of financing or absence of money “ The president asked not to speak during a meeting with councillors of safety as personally the situation was in this respect absolutely clear for it. Mad dividends energetikov already became for a long time the talk of the town in the country. But Peter Aksenov all - taki has paid attention to some details of an expenditure of money, about which to it, as to the councillor of directors “ Mosenergo “ it is known not by hearsay.

- Zhaloby Evstafeva on chronic underfinancing of a power supply system - lies, at least because during revision of tariffs the city as much as possible satisfied their demands for repair and equipment operation. On these purposes last two years it was put approximately on 8 billion roubles, and spent “ Mosenergo “ from this sum no more than 2 billion roubles, - he has underlined.

- It is necessary to be the professional to understand value of one small small screw in a huge power system of the country, - Vladimir Putin spoke. - To understand, how much important in due time to pay attention to any cheap transformer in what can result untimely or its supernumerary service.

But in that is continually that did not understand and did not want to understand. After all failure on Chaginsky substation has begun not on May, 25th when the transformer has lighted up. And at all 23 - go when it was cut down for the first time. “ There are the documents, testifying that korotilo it still on April, 19th “ - Aksenov remembers. For two years before similar failure has occurred on Ochakovsky substation. But then “ Mosenergo “ it has not been shattered yet into 14 companies. The uniform system of scheduling still operated. Therefore all was limited to local incident, before system failure have not admitted. Probably, therefore the letter to Anatoly Chubays in whom the government of Moscow sounded alarm what not all is clear with power supply in capital region, in the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ have ignored.

- All these years me most of all amazed, - Peter Aksenov, - that speaks, having on 110 billion roubles of actives, “ Mosenergo “ a beret on development of system of all 2 billion roubles of credits. While Moscow regularly masters on increase in power capacities to 10 billion roubles a year.

Compelled to create alternative system of power supply, the capital has much succeeded. For example, at New Kurjanovsky and Ljuberetsky stations of aeration it has put the generating capacities developing a current at the expense of biogases. On Vazusky system of water delivery of a city has erected hydrostation. At Altufevsky and Rudnevsky rubbish incinerator plants has constructed power units... But nonprofessionalism of management “ Mosenergo “ has let know about itself and here - we have hardly persuaded a joint-stock company management to buy an electricity developed at us, - Aksenov speaks. - It has agreed to take it only at the price several times more cheaply, than make. Unexpectedly for us during this moment of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ has started to act with public statements that energy manufacture in capital region in general the expensive and consequently is better to buy it on the party, for example on Konakovsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION.

And still hour when laymans should leave, has come. But their business, seemingly, will live still for a long time. Only initial damage from failure on the Chaginsky substation, counted up by the government of Moscow as Yury Luzhkov has informed on Friday, has made 1,7 billion roubles. “ and, thank God, that there was all it yet in the winter, and now. If system razmerzlas, all would be where more terribly and more expensively “ - head of a complex of municipal economy rejoices.

- But winter - that still ahead, and preparation for it is now actually broken, - all for the same reason crushing “ Mosenergo “ - the first deputy of the mayor, the head of a complex of economic policy and a development of the city Yury Rosljak has reminded. - That is why on June, 14th we are compelled to take out a question on for session of the government of Moscow what it is necessary to take urgent measures in power to have time to correct a situation.

direct speech

new dismissals in " Are expected; Mosenergo “ and whether it is necessary to correct a course of reform of electric power industry? The correspondent has asked to comment on a situation of the trustee of the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ Andrey Trapeznikova.

| That will undertake the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ in connection with rigid critical remarks of the president.

Andrey Trapeznikov | We declare it a bit later.

RG | That you can tell concerning management charge “ Mosenergo “ that it “ does not understand value of one small small screw in a huge power network of the country “.

Trapeznikov | Now works the commission which should draw a conclusion definitively. But the first preliminary results which were already published by Rostehnadzor, testify that there there were personnel errors.

In the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ 52 percent of shares the state owns. And in this case the shareholder has stated the estimation to management actions “ Mosenergo “. Its this right. And our problem - to make everything that such estimations from the main shareholder did not arise any more. In this connection we should develop a series of measures and actions, as will be made.

Sharonov has supported reforms on Chubays

the State should not refuse reform advancement
electric power industry in connection with recent power failure in Moscow. It
was declared yesterday by the deputy minister of economic development and trade
Andrey Sharons.

Andrey Sharons also focused attention on one of the most debatable themes of reform. It has categorically excluded probability of refusal of privatisation of the wholesale generating companies (OGK). “ Refusal of sale OGK would mean refusal of investments coming to branch “ - has noticed the deputy minister and has underlined that “ Russian Open Society reform “ UES of Russia “ does not counteract attraction of investments and updating of a power network economy “. The power failure reason, on Sharonov, just also became “ The lack of the investments which have led to deterioration of the equipment. And reform has not led to reliability decrease “.