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Nikolay Skatov: Pushkin was the hypochondriac person

the Beginning of June in Russia traditionally associates happy birthday the Russian national genius - Pushkin. About some legends, conjectures and the trues connected with a name of the poet, the director of the Pushkin house, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay Skatov has told to the correspondent.


| Nikolay Nikolaevich, keepers of a museum assure of manor Prijutino that Pushkin and has not dared to propose to Anna Oleninoj of whom it has been enamoured. And here the Petersburg collector of legends and legends of Northern capital Naum Sindalovsky states the version that Pushkin has received the consent of parents of Anna to marriage, but was late by a dinner where wanted to declare engagement. And all was upset. How all was actually?

Nikolay Skatov | The matter is that the Venison did not love Pushkin, it has been enamoured of other person. That, you see, it is essential enough. Besides, both Anna Elizabeth Markovna`s mother, and father Alexey Nikolaevich concerned Pushkin with watchfulness. Though to the poet senior Olenin knew the price. What occurred to Pushkin actually? Yes, it primerivalsja to destiny, estimated. Its all time was overcome by doubts. He argued: To me thirty years, the normal person marries at this time . Certainly, it had romantic hobbies. But has met that unique which has told that marries or it, or does not marry never.

RG | As the usual person...

Slopes | So after all Pushkin - the surprising phenomenon, unique in the world the normal genius. At us after all it is considered to be that the genius it always an exception, ekstraordinarnost, vylamyvanie out of the common, and the society waited for the same from Pushkin. Vjazemsky wrote that heart at it was compressed from similarity of destiny of Byron With our groom . But our unconditional genius unlike, say, Chopin or the same Byron has passed all put cycles of life inherent in the usual person. Narozhal children, loved them madly.

RG | To Petersburg often enough there comes Alexander and Maria Pushkinyh`s family, the lineal descendants living in Belgium. And they notice that in the West nobody appreciates that they represent such great surname.

Slopes | Faina Grigorevna Ranevskaya spoke: it is a pity To me of foreigners, they do not have Pushkin . Lotman wrote that Pushkin was the person without the childhood. If it was so, we would not have Pushkin. Alexander Sergeevicha had a fine childhood. It grew in a family cultural, artistic, with deep traditions. In good literary atmosphere. Both Karamzin, and Dmitriev, and Vasily Lvovich Pushkin - all were accepted in the house. Young Pushkin`s mother had a gift for speaking, its letters compared to letters of madam de the Steel. And the adolescence spent in Lycee, litsejskoe a brotherhood?

RG | Why it was so is inclined to mysticism? Has secretly visited to known then to fortuneteller Charlotte Kirhgof who to it, by the way, has foretold both glory, and the reference, and that will live long if in 37 years there will be no with it a trouble from a white horse or the white person...

Slopes | It was the hypochondriac person. We, usual people, do not imagine that such ingenious discernments or presentiments. The genius perceives all is more thin and masshtabnee. Remember, how the road in front of the carriage with Pushkin was run across by a hare? And ostensibly therefore it was not on a Senatskaya Square. Matter is not in a hare. There would be no hare, on road there would be a woman with empty buckets. Any set of sensations has worked: it is impossible to go. Later, after an explanation with the tsar, Pushkin admitted that was ready to be near to friends. And when Nikolay I has asked the poet, whether it has changed, Pushkin has answered nothing, only has shaken hands with the tsar. After time it really differently has estimated revolt of Decembrists. And the young man, as well as should, has endured the period of political radicalism. After that in its destiny the period romantic has come. The maturity has come to it in 24 years. After all then have appeared Boris Godunov and Evgenie Onegin . And then it became wise therefore married.

RG | On love!

Slopes | On fine, it is absolutely unfair obolgannoj to the woman. Pushkin was a good judge of human souls more than other Pushkin scholars. Someone has well told that he instead of marrying Pushkin scholars, married Natalia Nikolaevne Goncharovoj. We are, of course, very guilty to the poet: Such quantity of nasty things which pours out on this name, he in any way has not deserved. That costs so-called the Diary of 1836 ostensibly, found Pushkin`s secret diary. This pornographic opus published in Minneapolis, absolutely disgusting fake which is going back to de the Garden. Dexterous enough, by the way. Easily denied. But the mass reader will be dumbfounded.

RG | And once again will lose faith in national property.

Slopes | On that also it is calculated supposedly here to you, what your Pushkin. And after all it in 1826 in to the Note about national education wrote: Obscene compositions should subject tjagchajshemu to punishment . And these umeltsy have made a mean fake and have published in the mass editions. Just I have received the fifth edition under the account. As soon as you start to expose, scandals - on pleasure to provokers inflame. And it is impossible to be silent, and it would not be desirable to pull out Alexander Sergeevicha`s name once again!

RG | As you have concerned modern threat of businessmen to construct a gaz station on a place of duel of Pushkin with Dantes on Black small river?

Slopes | It there was an absurd idea. To me many Petersburgers addressed, there came deputy Konstantin Suhenko. We have reacted with indignation, have accepted the corresponding resolution. But at session of the Petersburg Social council devoted to discussion of this problem, I have heard Valentina Matvienko`s words: Nikolay Nikolaevich, I want you to calm, we will not resolve this building . Our governor - the man of his word. I think, the question is settled.