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Taiwan has tested protivokarabelnye rockets

It means that Sjunfen it is capable to amaze the military bases located in jugo - east part of the Peoples Republic of China: China and Taiwan divides Taiwan strait in width in 160 kilometres. Thus the rocket is capable to amaze the land purposes effectively.

According to the Taiwan newspaper CHajna tajms the first tests Sjunfen Whether have passed in the end of last week on one of military ranges in the presence of the Minister of Defence of Taiwan Tsze. After start the rocket has flown by 500 kilometres and has precisely amazed the educational purpose. It is expected that the batch production of the new weapon will begin this year.

Many observers consider that these rocket tests Taiwan has once again shown to Beijing readiness to protect the independence. Also became the adequate answer to the Chinese threat: Under statements of official Taipei, at island are aimed 725 Chinese rockets of average range located in basic in the southern province Fujian.

Beijing formally considers Taiwan as the province. The Peoples Republic of China repeatedly declared that will not stop before application of force in case of official declaration as independence island.

One week ago the Minister of Defence of the USA Donald Ramsfeld, being in Singapore, has once again accused the Chinese authorities that they continue to increase unfairly military power of the country in the conditions of a peace time. Thus the head of the Pentagon named Taiwan strait one of the most explosive regions in the world.