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On a Kinotavr has passed court over the director Hrzhanovsky

a Kinotavr has started to distribute awards directly on start. And if that are handed over on closing, can run into whistles the prize for the contribution to the Russian cinema, handed over at opening to Nikita Mikhalkov, has found the hero to the applause. N. S as the playing director and the self-staged actor indeed was enclosed in this business on - large. In approaching 60 could live not bad for percent. But appetite at Mikhalkov youthful, and in competition a Kinotavr - two films with its actor`s participation. The years Nikita Sergeevich considers till autumns, however a crop of gifts has, seemingly, ripened with an advancing of terms, accordingly probability of that the investor - jubiljar once again will decorate teletranslation of final ceremony, is great enough. That it has enclosed in the Councillor of state The next chapter of the saga about Fandorine, more or less clearly, and here occurrences N. S in a blind-man`s-buff for Alexey Balabanov in a role pahana we wait - with. As wait for an exit in the field of the well-known player of the team of the higher league, while the younger command structure plays for time, inertly driving a ball.

the Films lighted while in competition of festival, generally are not new, but revision and revaluation of values - an invention not such senseless. Recalculating a film cash known, apparently, happens, you find the rouble which was pretending to be a ten-kopeck coin, happens - a hole in a pocket. Alexey Fedorchenko`s tape the First on the Moon opened the competitive program, at the first occurrence has caused enthusiasm splash. Absolutely authentic history of flight of the Soviet person on the Moon in 1938! Documentary certificates, narytye in confidential film archives! Sensation! That is sensationally skilful mystification, brilliant imitation of the film document, without backlashes weaved with real dokumentalistikoj, masterly juggling by splinters of the Soviet myth! At revision it was found out that the film scale changes if to throw the bridge from entertaining film experiment by an epoch before which experiments any imagination turns pale. It I not to that at the reference to a phenomenon of those times it is by all means necessary to wrinkle a forehead seriously. But if to leave the past, laughing, - and mystification, whatever one may do, by the nature a joke - that in all throat. Lyrical and romantic overtones, without which Fedorchenko has not managed, mystifications harm, destroy integrity of illusion; been going to saw half-and-half in the face of spectators the beauty, there is nothing to spill over it avaricious man`s - both life, and tears, and love in this case quite another thing.

Remote access Svetlanas Proskurinoj for a long time wanders on festival screens, but it is considered unsolved. Speech - about an inconsistent family of the businesswoman where mother and the daughter without nervous breakdowns and a word peremolvitsja cannot; about the boy, lonely and unhappy, consisting with the nervous maiden in the telephone novel; about hope young to escape from a captivity of malicious melancholy. On the eve of the first appointment to the girl - hope the boy will be lost - casually as the bird, will get into a trap prepared for another by her mother, solving the problems concerning the rights on any zavodik. All like is for empathy to heroes: human communications are torn off, close is torn away, attracts removed - on distance it is possible to keep illusions. But to lean soul against the history stated in a manner vainglorious arthauza, it is impossible. Moreover: The more persistently you aspire to it, repeatedly reconsidering a tape, the acts from - under elegantly mysterious veils European otkutjurnogo breed a typical design of a teleserial " more distinctly; Criminal Russia .

One more hole in a pocket - a melodrama I adore you . About this participant of competitive running and it would be not necessary to speak, if from its author Hussein Erkenova the film community constantly did not expect any breaks. And here have waited archaic on language, muffled and razzhizhennogo under invoices and deranged on sjuzhetoslozheniju an opus on a theme of relations of the son and mother as men and women whom - be they are accurately registered - could serve a shell for exercises of psychoanalysts.

a Kinotavr Has not reached yet the way middle, but has had time to destroy one more legend - scandalous, arrived in a cloud of noise and a dust lifted in Venice, Rotterdam and Hunts - Mansijske Ilya Hrzhanovsky`s film under Vladimir Sorokin`s scenario 4 . In Rotterdam a film also have awarded - for boldness of demonstration of a nightmare of the Russian life and for relaxedness from which the debutant breaks ethical and aesthetic taboos. Has clearly put, in the homeland of the hero it seemed that its boldness is coquettish that its rate - on zabugornyj success. Too often we were convinced that authors the Russian nightmares extracted festival glory, for this extraction also hunted. With Hrzhanovsky, however, all not so is simple. At revision of its film against a native landscape it seemed to me that the purpose at it serious and fair. What he actually dared - from what differently the safe young man from a decent family would undertake not in the most safe for sad forecasts time to predict the most gloomy variant of the Russian destiny at rectilinear - forward development of a public situation? It is not necessary to diagnose the degradation of the society which have reached its most roots, probably, podpaivat on shootings and without that seldom sober rural old women. It is not necessary to remove so in details their disgusting orgy with a consuming of fat chunks svezhezazharennogo a pig and to bare the old-womanish flesh. But told Hrzhanovsky - Sorokin about idolatry and sick genes root system so, as doctors speak, diagnosticheski is valuable that it is possible to forgive for it some errors - not against love and sympathy to native - to the patient, only against a good form. And it in these parts when there is a man-to-man talk, and at all a sin.

However, definitively to soar over a problem Hrzhanovsky + Russia +? it was not possible. a Kinotavr more vigorously the former acts in a colloquial genre. At a surf edge, in a rotunda, dexterously put so that to close a view of the sea, critics argue. Action is called the Film ring . There over the author the Russian nightmare have arranged court. With an accuser, the defender, witnesses from both parties. Here the debutant also has shown that it not the coward. And on a course of process of defenders at it has increased.

In the same noisy day in competition have shown the first picture which has been removed in the Tatar language. On Republic Tatarstan means. Kuktau ( Blue mountain ) Ildara Jagafarova - a film not outstanding, but the Tatar cinema begins the history adequately. Already because does not press on national originality for which at the time of Soviet multinational forgave professional insufficiency. History about the muzhik, it is casual in accident ruined the wife and the son who has stayed and in the first day of freedom stolen boy, the orphan - the invalid to whom America shone, a dolce vita with reception parents and good treatment, could be told in any language. However, having chosen native speech, authors have informed a tape powerful charm of the nature speaking in the language, have charged neofitskoj energy of finding of national identity. And energy of this has sufficed to run into auditorium, to blow up and wake the dozing.

It is time. a Kinotavr comes nearer to zenith.

From the first person

Michael Shvydkoj, a member of a board of guardians of festival a Kinotavr
the head of Federal agency on culture and cinematography:

- Now, of course, all will compare old and new festival commands a Kinotavr . But me it is thought, the main thing in other: for 15 years this place - Sochi, this hall, a gift and a beach became meeting place of public and cinema, a place where new creative events and plans are born. And it is already clear that today Russian cinema has returned to cinemas. And a Kinotavr becomes the major national festival which will define destiny of films - winners. They will receive here the permit in film service and road to the spectator.

All argue, with what should be cinema - industrial or art - hauznym what it should be from the point of view of success economic. But I would like to state one as it is represented to me, an important thing: any Russian cinema, it, first of all, should be national. For the people doing this cinema, always tried to tell truth about life. They did it with a pain, with love to the people and the earth. Truth and love - here two keywords which always defined the maintenance of our cinema. And still deep understanding of life of human soul. There will be it - and the spectator will go to cinemas. I am assured that this place - Sochi, a Kinotavr will be that space which will turn public to our cinema, space of love to a domestic cinema.