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In Arkhangelsk have thought up a way to keep budgetary financing of local high schools

Today in 400 - thousand Arkhangelsk three state universities. And before there were three institutes - pedagogical, medical and, taking into account narrow specialisation of this edge in Soviet period, - an all-Union sawmill institute timber.

the past decade in hope to keep for itself a drying up streamlet of state budgetary financing all three Arkhangelsk high schools have increased the status and have changed the names for more sonorous. Former pedagogical became the Pomorsky state university (PGU), medical - at first academy, and then Northern state medical university (SGMU), timber institute - the Arkhangelsk state technical university (AGTU).

Here them is that at the same time with Severodvinsk Sevmashvtuzom and three scientific research institutes of the Arkhangelsk centre of science of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and intend to reduce now under one roof with strange at first sight the name: Arkhangelsk scientifically - the educational innovative university centre, in abbreviated form - ANOIUTS.

the Old fable on pomorsky a harmony

possible association of the Arkhangelsk high schools repeat years seven. To one of the first necessity of such step was declared by the native of these places the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences academician Nikolay Laverov.

- In Arkhangelsk there should be one scientifically - the educational centre of federal value. For this purpose universities should unite - only so it is possible to count on target financing from the federal budget...

Until all remains at idea level, anybody especially did not worry, the cards did not open, categorical for or against Did not state. But as soon as in March of this year the order of the head of administration of area had been created working group - for studying of possibilities it has appeared that aspirations of heads of three leading Arkhangelsk high schools almost exactly - in - exactly repeat a plot known krylovskoj fables: the Swan is torn in clouds, the Cancer moves back back, and the Pike pulls in water...

- In integration - our force, - gives reason in a local press for the position the supporter of association rector PGU Vladimir Bulatov. - when it was necessary to receive the big grant on creation virtual Barents - university, the Petrozavodsk university has appeared the main applicant. But we then have united, have signed the corresponding document and uniform university have supported this grant. Office Barents - university till now in Arkhangelsk!

Today if to follow this logic and to draw parallels, as prize-winning carrot for consonants on association the single grant from well-wishers - Scandinavians, and the possible indulgence of Moscow on preservation of Arkhangelsk and its higher school in the list of addressees of means from the federal budget is put forward not. Without having created ANOIUTS, confirm in regional department of science and education, we will lose a federal component in financing of our high schools.

- Personally to me the idea of association is nice, - governor Nikolay Kiselyov during conversation has formulated the position quite definitely. Federal interests, as he said, are widely presented to areas. It first of all, of course, Severodvinsk - the State Russian centre of nuclear shipbuilding, the cosmodrome Plesetsk, some proving grounds, including the Central range of the Minister of Defence on New Land, and in the long term - large-scale projects of development of oil and gas deposits on a shelf. And for all it well prepared shots are necessary.

- Therefore we will use the best efforts, - the head of administration declares, - to keep a federal component in scientifically - educational sphere.

the Rector of the Pomorsky state university Vladimir Bulatov, aspiring to anticipate objections of colleagues, assures that before idea of association it was presented not absolutely correctly : as merge of two universities - well-known lesoped . And today it is a question of creation of new establishment. But it as if do not hear.

- Association is a movement against market economy, - on an offered alliance rector AGTU Oleg Sokolov persistently disagrees. In its opinion, attempts to get monopoly for education are directed against northerners: people should have a right to choose this or that high school depending on a price and quality combination. And hopes to keep thus federal financing, the mister Sokolov considers, are illusive.

- We will not manage to enter into the twenty of the best, - it predicts in correspondence polemic with ideologists of creation scientifically - an educational conglomerate. But in group where 200 high schools for which too it is planned to keep budgetary financing, AGTU will get necessarily, its rector does not doubt.

On what such expectations are based, to tell difficultly. For last two years in a ministerial rating of technical and technological high schools AGTU has moved down with 118 - j on 140 - ju a position - has occupied honourable 35 - e a place from the end.

I will allow to convince to Nobody myself

absolutely special position at the rector of medical university Pavel Sidorov. As well as the colleague Sokolov, it resolutely does not wish to go under the general roof ANOIUTS. But - on motives opposite.

Association, - he declares from pages regional North Truths is a definitive total destruction of the state high schools and full blossoming not state... How many chances, what the incorporated university centre will receive federal financing? A zero! It is gamble...

why so not on - scientific the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Sidorov is emotional? After all the question on joining SGMU to uniform scientifically - to the educational centre is considered while only theoretically and can pass in a practical plane if all high schools, including medical, remaining while in Michael Zurabova`s department, translate under Andrey Fursenko`s beginning. But it still, as they say, there is no telling how things will turn out. So paternal such nervousness?!

Actually, rector Sidorov opens all eyes, association attempt is an attempt... Property capture by Pomorsky university. Because AGTU and SGMU, according to mister Sidorov, can survive and at the expense of off-budget means if the state ceases to finance us tomorrow .

Last words I intentionally keep so-called - in them a key to understanding of that, paternal so positions of high school chiefs have dispersed. LesoPed, even with a periscope in the form of ready to adjoin them Sevmashvtuza, remains in my understanding speculative and, alas, tactical construction. A multinomial without an uniting kernel. After all except the general desire of northerners to keep formation accessible to natives of all families, irrespective of a prosperity, there is a generated and more and more appreciable aspiration of high school generals and colonels to do private business with state ownership use, and in foreseeable prospect - to privatise it with benefit obvious to.

Already now from 45 thousand students in the Arkhangelsk region more than half (52 percent) study on a commercial basis. The average tuition fee, under data from regional department of science and education, fluctuates from 16 to 54 thousand roubles. However rector SGMU Pavel Sidorov assures that at them for one student is annually spent 72 thousand roubles. Having referred to experience of Germany where, as he said, it is resolved and the tuition fee - from 500 to 1000 euros annually is everywhere entered, he calls also to our students fairly to tell: Children, you tomorrow all is universal will to pay!

it is fairly told or not so - I do not know, but at least it is frank. And in it as it is surprising, opponents Sidorov and Sokolov completely coincide. if in the future of us will deprive of budget money, - rector AGTU is frank, - we will not be gone!

Educational and industrial cases, hostels, other objects of real estate and the fixed sites in a prestigious part of a city, incomes of leased premises and a tuition fee on a commercial basis - who voluntary takes and will refuse delightful possibility all it individually and almost uncontrolledly to dispose?! And the prospect hypothetical aktsionirovanija here does not frighten, and teases opening possibilities more likely, kindles enterprise passion.

the Command Equal! not from this the charter

And what the power? After all not once official delegations from Arkhangelsk went behind experience to Michael Prusaku to Great Novgorod where still have in the mid-nineties managed to collect in one fist some high schools and technical schools. Now on vigorous steps to the same direction of the governor of Krasnoyarsk region Hloponina even more often nod.

However at not consent trumps: under the law on formation questions of reorganisation of high school - in the academic council competence.

- If we will long argue, the train will leave. And today still there is time to drop in in last car, - the chief of the Pomorsky state university Vladimir Bulatov presses on patriotic feelings. Also reminds that in 2011 simultaneously with higher school reform it will be marked 300 - letie from the date of Michael Lomonosova`s birth.

- In Russia much great people, - rector SGMU Pavel Sidorov parries. - think, in the homeland of everyone will create the university centres with the federal status?

Contrary to such raznogolositse and to frank scepticism in regional department of science and education of belief in success of association do not lose.