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Bella Akhmadullina: Russian speech is a delicacy, our jewelry, our complexity

Bella Akhmadullina has kindly agreed to answer our questions first minutes after news on award to it the State award.  

| Bella Ahatovna, your emotions during this moment?

Bell Akhmadullina | I Want to thank all. What can I tell still? Bolshee would be for my part, probably, deviation from own image which it is not artificial me sodejan, but it is perfect for me it is natural. I, of course, thank. I, of course, am proud. It does not mean that I as - that overestimate myself.

RG | If I am not mistaken, you already were the winner of the State award of 1989?

Akhmadullina | I hope that the present award will be important for everything, both for writers, and for their readers. Because I still very well remember those times when the state awards to writers at all had no so high value for readers of this country. We will hope that now it something means and for them too.

RG | your plans for the future?

Akhmadullina | I am not crafty, as I am able, I will continue to serve Russian word, Russian literature. I in this world do not know other same jewelry. It is truth. And all my highest achievements if someone has estimated them, concern the most Russian speech, to its importance in our life. It is a delicacy, our jewelry, our complexity. If from it not to evade, then it is possible to accept this award with a clear conscience and, having bowed, to tell: Thanks, I tried. I tried not to be guilty that on a sort has been written me, before that employment which to me has been predetermined .


the Correspondent   the first has congratulated on a high award of Cand.Tech.Sci. Arcady Vereshkina which is awarded awards for scientifically - research workings out and creation optiko - an electronic complex of control of a space.

| Arcady Evtihevich, whether is analogues these workings out?

Arcady Vereshkin | Russian optiko - an electronic complex of control of a space the Window in which artificial intelligence elements are introduced, is really unique. Similar in the world is not present. And I want to underline that all equipment of a complex, including optics and the software, - domestic.

RG | It is said that each space vehicle put from any range of the world into orbit with height more of 2 thousand of kilometres, on the first coils will appear in a responsibility zone Windows . What does it represent?

Vereshkin | Is a huge observatory: today there 6 powerful optiko - electronic stations with telescopes, high-sensitivity television equipment, oporno - rotary devices, system of digital prompting of equipment, system of computing means and etc. the Complex has essentially expanded possibilities of control of a space. It is enough to tell that he allows to find out in space a subject in diameter about 1 metre on distance to 40 thousand kilometres. And in general it is capable to solve completely a problem of accuracy of measurement of co-ordinates of space objects both on geostationary, and on vysokoellipticheskih orbits.

There is a complex on Pamir. The place is chosen not casually: on the Tadjik high mountains (2,2 thousand metres above sea level) a considerable quantity of clear nights, high stability and an atmosphere transparency. By the way, complex work is completely automated. It can function without operators in real time, giving out the information both about known, and about again found out space objects.

RG | you the chief designer of television equipment of a complex. It too is unique?

Vereshkin | it is unconditional, as methods of formation of processing of video signal, correction transfers are absolutely unusual to traditional television. New technical decisions have substantially provided performance of requirements on pronitsajushchej ability and accuracy of definition of co-ordinates.

      the POINT OF VIEW

Ludwig Faddeev, the Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

- Award of the State award for works in the field of fundamental science is a good lesson that who asks questions: a pier why within two years there is no practical appendix to those or other researches? In a century of Faradej before last has tried to twist in a magnet a delay, and the mankind had an electricity. Maksvell has proved this effect calculations so both these scientists have paid employment by fundamental science for all times, forever! Prosecuting mathematical subjects of the modern quantum theory fifty years, even I cannot predict today, what opening will present our institute to the world the next years. In the theoretical mathematics it is impossible to make it. Earlier to us, happened, national control came also me asked: Who gives you tasks? I answered: the Lord god gives! today questions formulate on - to another, but the desire to achieve from researchers of immediate results remains. Fortunately, this problem all the same does not discourage talented young scientists to be engaged in mathematical physics. However, now they work in the most prestigious centres of science all over the world that for the country is the big loss. Nevertheless, I hope, talents our earth will not run low.