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Talisman CHM - 2006 has escaped from bankruptcy

the Official talisman of the present World championship a lion of Goleo VI, seemingly, becomes one of the most inconsistent among the plush colleagues. After the mass obstruction which has fallen upon an animal on the eve of tournament, to it the national love and a recognition has unexpectedly come.

to a talisman have thought up a beautiful legend, and exclusive rights on its manufacture FIFA has sold for 28 million euro of the company Nitsi . However, contrary to expectations of many, Goleo badly was on sale and contemptious estimations have deserved at fans and experts many.

- As though designers tried to please everything, - the well-known German designer Eric Spikerman spoke, for example. - it is a shame To me with colleagues. Why they did not name a young lion of Fritsem or any other German name? After all all of us - taki Germans also can admit it. And so the young lion has not turned out neither terrible, nor kind, in general significant. From - for our past we cannot be proud of that we Germans. Designers tried to combine all fine in one logo and not to be thus persuasive. It all the same what to try to joke, is forbidden when to joke.

it was not pleasant to Simple fans that the talisman had been chose a lion. Such representative of fauna in Germany otrodjas was not found. As a country symbol the eagle, therefore German fans of football from time immemorial was considered have created the talisman for a national team. The nice eagle of Paule who was pleasant to owners of tournament much more became them. Sympathies for Goleo has not added also that ten years ago almost same animal, a lion Goliath, talismanil for Euro - 96 in England, and many have suspected of it traces of plagiarism and absence of imagination at developers. Confused citizens and that the championship talisman has appeared half-naked - he has been dressed in a T-shirt but why - that did not carry cowards.

As a result even prior to the beginning of tournament the company - manufacturer Goleo declared bankruptcy and about closing of two factories on talisman manufacture. As a result nearby 120 persons have lost work. But all has changed, when Germany was flooded with tourists from every corner of the globe. They were not excited with problems of German self-identification, besides a talisman at the championship all the same one, and to come back without it home many have counted simply indecent. Sales of Goleo sharply have gone upwards, talismans in a kind brelkov and plush toys used special popularity. On the eve of the ending representatives of the company Nitsi have declared that during the World championship have sold more one million plush lions. Now about any bankruptcy of manufacturers speech does not go, and businessmen with pleasure count up profits.