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Participants of a military mortgage will receive habitation before term

In brief its essence is that. Into nominal accounts of specially selected lieutenants in January 2007 - go will translate the sums which together with money already available in bank should suffice on payment of the first room payment. Officers will receive a roof over the head, and an additional credit debt to banks the state will extinguish later.

- We planned that the first participants of a military mortgage will play house warming in three years after introduction of the new housing programme, that is in 2008 - m. But there was a possibility to make it hardly earlier, - general Alexander Rylsky from Service raskvartirovanija and arrangements of armies of the Ministry of Defence has told.

we Will remind that under the decree of the president military department is appointed responsible for realisation nakopitelno - mortgage system in power structures. Armed forces are numerous, there serves most of all participants of a mortgage. Therefore under army experiment have given the maximum quantity of places - 230 of 280. Fifty More vacancies will proportionally distribute between Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, frontier guards, military rescuers and etc.

On experiment carrying out, according to the general Rylsky, in the federal budget - 2007 on a returnable basis will put 85 million roubles. Presence of means - the main thing, but not the only stipulation of additional room crediting. Till the end of the year it is necessary to prepare and accept a package of the documents allowing young officers to issue habitation in the property without a separation from performance of official duties. In it now are engaged in service raskvartirovanija and arrangements of armies. The concept of experiment and the preparation plan standard - legal base are confirmed, now business behind so-called regulating orders and instructions.

By the way, with paper The main difficulties on housing programme start arose the party of a military mortgage. Every possible coordination have occupied many months. Only recently last from fifty necessary documents where have entered including 20 governmental decrees has been signed. Accordingly and bodies of an army mortgage were definitively built in a chain only after two years after acceptance of the federal law about military - the housing programme. Original dembelskim it is possible to consider as a chord creation last month in the Ministry of Defence of Federal management nakopitelno - mortgage system of housing maintenance of military men.

- Under the decision of the government it will operate a mortgage in all power structures and to be engaged in financing of memory accounts of its participants, - has specified Rylsky. - the New establishment is included in the list of addressees of budgetary funds, in Federal exchequer two personal accounts are opened.

Military men consider that experiment will help not only to accelerate officer house warming, but also to reveal bottlenecks at a stage of realisation of a mortgage. It is really important, after all the number of participants of the new housing programme grows before the eyes. Only in the Ministry of Defence in a mortgage have already registered 14 thousand military men. For one and a half year into nominal accounts of lieutenants from the federal budget have translated almost four and a half billion roubles.