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Experts: the Airport in Irkutsk is considered one of the most complicated in Russia

As employees of the Irkutsk airport, their native " speak; the house among pilots it is considered one of the most complicated in Russia. And recently conducted researches only confirm these conclusions.

According to experts, the reasons not comfortable reception planes the Irkutsk airport a little. The first - that it is located not too successfully. And business not only in height of 600 metres above sea level. From - for an abrupt bend of landing approach planes should fall practically on a strip. Besides, low atmospheric pressure from - for features of district affects work of engines.

And still an important detail - the airport is located directly in city boundaries, from - for what to maneuver at decrease or a set of speed to pilots it is necessary directly over inhabited quarters. Besides, the Irkutsk airport is in a close environment of garages and other economic constructions that hardly promotes increase of safety of flights.

After air crashes in 2001 - 2003 reconstruction in which which course take off and landing of planes have been developed towards Baikal here has been spent, and take-off - the landing strip is extended.

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