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Italy - the quadruple world champion on football

Well and and France and it is not necessary to speak about Italy - in these countries football is extremely popular, so the notice in streets and in pubs has been obviously provided. The authorities of Rome have established three huge screens biggest of which has the area in 50 square metres in a city. It is symbolical that mass viewing have arranged in circus Massimo where during antique times took place athletic competitions. Frenchmen have not lagged behind also - they have established the big screens near the Parisian stadiums Park - de - Prens and Sharleti, and policemen all night long worked in the strengthened mode.

About importance of a final to speak, perhaps, senselessly, but the intrigue in this opposition was added by two additional factors. The Italian football is shaken with corruption scandals, and only a victory Skuadry adzurry could grant hope of amnesty to leading football clubs of Italy for which many players of a national team act. And at the same time to prove to sceptics that on the Apennines can not only give bribes and buy judges.

Frenchmen became world champions more recently, eight years ago, and in structure three-coloured there were many players forging that significant success. Well and in the centre of attention of fans there was, certainly, a figure of Zinedina Zidana. The long-term leader of the French national team has declared that after the World championship will leave the big football. So the final became also legend farewell. If only Zidana do not persuade to return.

Commands managed to avoid personnel losses on the eve of a duel, therefore in the field there were really strongest players. And fans not without the bases hoped to see bright and uncompromising football.

the match Beginning poverglo Italy in shock. Already on the sixth minute Maluda broke to collars of Buffona, but has fallen in the penal area after contact to Materatstsi. The moment has turned out disputable enough - the Frenchman obviously arose upon a foul, nevertheless the Argentina arbitrator Orasio Elisondo has confidently specified on odinnadtsatimetrovuju a mark. A penalty, naturally, has gone to punch Zidan. Also has made it it is masterful, practically without running start having struck in a crossbeam from which the ball has jumped aside in gate and has taken off in the field. 1:0 in favour of France, and all fears that the match will turn out rather poor on high points, have vanished as a smoke.

Italians have rushed to attack, and Frenchmen and did not think to sit out in defence, so to miss to spectators it was not necessary. And still players Skuadry adzurry absolutely not for long looked for keys to collars of Barteza. On 19 - j to minute Pirlo has submitted angular, and it is symbolical that riding struggle Materatstsi, a head has won driven ball in a grid - 1:1. The Italian defender from the antihero has turned suddenly to almost saviour of the nation, and commands needed to make a fresh start. Game has gone on counter courses, and to a break one more draw angular at the French gate on 35 - j became to minute the high point. After the next class canopy of Pirlo to a ball it was put Tony`s Onions, but after its heading the ball has hit straight in a crossbeam.

Frenchmen have begun the Second time much more actively, over and over again creating the dangerous moments at possession of Buffona. Anri, but with finishing blow at the forward " was played; the Arsenal it was not got on in any way. In one of episodes the arbitrator had a just cause to give one more penalty in Italian national team gate. Maluda has fallen in struggle against Dzambrottoj, and infringement seemed this time more obvious, than in that moment, a code of Elisondo has appointed odinnadtsatimetrovyj. But this time the Argentina judge to specify in a point has not dared, having pardoned Italians.

Aspiring to level game, the instructor Skuadry adzurry Marcello Lippi has dared at double replacement, and practically at once its wards have hammered. However the arbitrator has fixed at Italians ofsajd at draw of standard position and a capture of gate has cancelled. Frenchmen have instantly answered with dangerous blow of Anri - Italians were gained by Buffon. The the termination of basic time of a match was closer, the players of both commands became more careful. Frenchmen attacked more and more sharply and had more chances to cause a stir. But to reveal the winner, 90 minutes have not sufficed football players, and game has flowed in an extra time.

the Small break of essential changes has not brought in a course of a match. Frenchmen continued to attack and created scoring chances twice. At first Riberi beat in a far corner, and a bit later Zidan a head tried to direct a ball under a crossbeam, but the goal all was not. Italians, seemingly, were tired hardly more than the contenders and hoped more likely for counterattacks, secretly hoping for luck in a penalty series.

the Key moment of a match has occurred already in the second time of an extra time. Materatstsi, apparently, has told something insulting Zidanu, and that has given in on provocation, very much bodnuv a head of the offender in a stomach. The Italian defender has failed on a lawn, the arbitrator of skirmish has not noticed, but the lateral arbitrator has explained to the colleague that has occurred. Farewell of Zidana to football has turned out not the most beautiful and completely not such as that was deserved by the great master. A red card, and the leader of the French attacks has gone to examine a match in a locker room. Italians have cheered up - to clean from a field of Zidana all the same what to get rid of half of contenders. But this time Skuadre adzurre it was not possible to repeat a feat made by it in a semifinal match with Germans and to hammer at the very end of an extra time. The destiny of a title has dared in a penalty series, in the second time in the history of the World championships.

This time, unlike the ending of 1994, good luck has smiled to Italians. Wards Marcello Lippi have not left Bartezu chance, having realised all five attempts. For Frenchmen David Trezege`s miss became fatal. The forward who six years ago has buried in an extra time of a final of the European championship of hope of Italians on a victory, this time on a twist of fate has got to a crossbeam. Well and solving the penalty were hammered by Fabio Grosso, having forced millions fans to sob from delight. Italy - the quadruple world champion.

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