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The housing code will correct in September

In September the State Duma intend to consider more than 150 amendments to the Housing code. the Duma, at last, has realised that the Housing code needs completion Galina Hovansky has noted in conversation with journalists a member of the Duma committee on the civil, criminal, arbitration and remedial legislation.

the Lower chamber of parliament has already approved in the first reading the bill directed on perfection of some positions of the Housing code of the Russian Federation. Amendments are brought in the Housing code, in the law on coming into force of the Housing code, and also in the Civil code.

According to Hovansky, the basic point demanding revision, restrictions on terms of privatisation and a habitation deprivation are. Our amendments provide the termless right as privatisations, and deprivations as it is impossible to lay down different groups of people in incommensurable conditions - they are not guilty that had not time to receive in time habitation - has told the deputy. in this question we were supported also by Konstitutsionny court of the Russian Federation - she has underlined.

Restrictions on deprivation terms, has continued Hovansky, it is necessary to remove, as after the proprietor has understood that the property rights mean also enormous responsibility (besides capital repairs payment, it it will be necessary for it to insure the habitation), at it can elementary not suffice on all it is money, especially if this person lives on one pension .

Also the approved amendments establish the rights of the former members of families of proprietors of habitation. We suggest to keep the right of use of habitation, for example, for minor children that it was impossible to throw out them on street - has explained the deputy. In its opinion, it is necessary to settle the Housing code so that children, invalids, older persons have not suffered at all.

the Following block of amendments accepted by the State Duma in the first reading, obliges the state at once to move in new habitation of those whom have moved from shabby houses. that people had not to live again in inconvenient conditions - communal flats which they just left - has explained Hovansky. Besides it she considers necessary to co-ordinate settling in communal flats of new tenants with already living. present that in and without that uneasy conditions of residing in a communal flat will settle to you also a Gipsy camp - she has told.

Also the approved amendments will settle possibilities of private persons to privatise in the property premises in the former hostels of the municipal and state enterprises. local authorities to give these premises to the property do not hasten - has noted Hovansky, having underlined that absence of the written contract of social hiring should not interfere with privatisation .

However Hovansky is afraid that such, apparently, the self-evident rights, can be and are not considered or changed at new edition of amendments to September . In this connection, as she said, the main task - to hold already taken positions .

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