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In Moscow will establish a monument to the oldest mayor

What there will be a monument which the capital for the first time almost for nine centuries has gathered pochtit memory of the town governor who has transformed Moscow in the present European city? The chairman of the competitive commission of the deputy the main architect of Moscow Igor Voskresensky has told about it to the correspondent:

- Competition on the best project of a monument has passed in 2003. Winners of its steel sculptor Anatoly Bichukov - the vice-president of Academy of Arts of Russia, the rector of Surikovsky institute and Alexander Kuzmin, the main architect of the Russian capital. They have suggested to establish a sculpture combined with a fountain. The matter is that at Alekseeve Moscow has got plumbing and sanitary.

And in general, even at presence in a city of 300 fountains one more superfluous never will be. As on Taganke where in due time in the neighbourhood there were factories of merchants of Alekseevyh and there lived a mayor, there is no fountain. And still: occurrence of sculptural compositions raises comfort and safety of life of all area. All territory around immediately equips with modern conveniences, the monument has an illumination, the militia takes it under the protection...

But all it costs money. Here and city economists have tried was to save: insisted on making a sculpture more modestly, it is traditional - in the form of one more muzhik who costs or sits, in a hat or without a hat... And any fountain!

the Beauty and economy struggled three years. And here there was a document testifying to a victory of beauty.

And nevertheless with confidence to tell about, whether there will be a child of Bichukova and Kuzmin during precisely appointed time, has noted Voskresensky, nobody undertakes. The matter is that installation of a sculptural composition should be made in parallel with great volume of works on an accomplishment of adjoining square and a lining under the Tagansky area of a tunnel.

But if a tunnel at least have started to dig to hand square yet do not send in addition. Encourages one: the monument to a mayor to Alekseevu is not threatened with a fate of other product in which Alexander Kuzmin together with sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov took part. I mean a monument to Bulgakov which wanders till now in search of the place in Belokamennoj.