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South Ossetia accuses Georgia of murder of the secretary of Security Council

According to the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, in seven o`clock in the morning Alborov opened a door of the garage when has worked a remote control explosive. For bolshej amazing ability criminals have larded its nails and bolts.

the Minister of Internal Affairs of unrecognized republic Michael Mindzaev is convinced that “ murder was made by the Georgian party “. As he said, still one year ago Tbilisi has published so-called “ the black list “ the South Ossetia heads who are subject to physical destruction. And Oleg Alborov was in this list.

By the way, on the eve of tragedy the leader of South Ossetia Edward Kokojty confirmed: in Tskhinvali expect serious provocations on the eve of the summit “ G8 “ in St.-Petersburg.

In particular, special services of South Ossetia have informed past Saturday on detention around the Rogsky tunnel connecting Southern and the North Ossetia, the Georgian reconnaissance group of five persons. According to the chief a press - services of the Minister of Defence of South Ossetia of Galina Kachmazovoj, detained had at themselves detailed district maps, field-glasses, devices of night vision, digital video equipment. Conducting investigation and rekognostsirovka districts was their purpose.

In conversation with the correspondent the official representative of a management of unrecognized republic, the head of committee of the information and the press Irina Gagloeva has declared that in Tskhinvali “ regard this act of terrorism as political murder, srezhissirovannoe from - for limits of South Ossetia “. “ to Victim Oleg Alborovu, - has told Gagloeva, - there were 49 years. To a post of the secretary of Security council it have appointed about two years ago. Before he headed Committee for State Security of South Ossetia. At Alborova never was bodyguard “.

On Sunday evening the president of South Ossetia Edward Kokojty has collected the Security council emergency meeting. On it the decision to strengthen protection of border with Georgia was accepted, to block all access roads and to toughen an entrance mode. From its part Tbilisi was strengthened by military presence in frontier territory from Tskhinvali. To a seven-kilometre site of border it is concentrated about one and a half thousand Georgian military men. And in 26 kilometres from border with South Ossetia the Georgian authorities the accelerated rates build military base. In Tskhinvali do not exclude the beginning of the military action against republic in second half of July.

Many observers connect a sharp aggravation of a situation in region on a visit the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili to Washington. They do not exclude that the White house could authorise intrusion into South Ossetia informally.

Representatives of the Mixed forces on maintenance of peace in a zone Georgian - the South Ossetia conflict (SSPM) have started to joint from Tskhinvali to investigation of details of  destruction of the secretary of Security Council Oleg Alborova. According to commander SSPM of general Marata Kulahmetova, in that that it there was an act of terrorism, doubts are not present.

Kulahmetov also has informed that in connection with closing by the Russian side on repair kontrolno - check point “ Kazbegi - Top Lars “ the Georgian party has blocked the Transcaucasian highway around village Kehvi.

In the meantime

the State minister of Georgia on settlement of conflicts George Haindrava has declared that “ versions about participation of Tbilisi in Oleg Alborova`s  destruction - a parcel of rubbish “. “ Oleg Alborov was the fair person, - has noted Haindrava. - With it always it was possible to conduct meaningful dialogue “. Shortly before it the minister has made the statement in which has demanded resignation of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. “ in the country it is available elements socially - political crisis - confirmed Haindrava, - therefore president Saakashvili should spend personnel changes in the government “.