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In Crimea the air bus And - 310 airlines " has crash-landed; Siberia

the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Ukraine has confirmed the fact of an emergency landing of the plane of the Russian airline in Simferopol.

they Have sat down easy, the demand was emergency. More detailed information of the Ministry of Emergency Measures will inform in the morning if will consider it necessary - the person on duty of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has told RIA Novosti news agency on Monday night.

the interlocutor of agency has not informed Other details.

the Main dispatcher of the airport of Simferopol and the person on duty of the Crimean department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have declared that are not authorised to communicate with the press though the information on incident have not denied.

As have informed RIA Novosti news agency in a press - the centre of the Russian airline Siberia at the Simferopol airport the passenger plane And - 310, belonging to the company has crash-landed.

At performance of the charter flight 1822 following on a route Antalia - Moscow, after the spent maintenance service at the airport of Antalia, the crew has noticed falling of level of oil in one of engines. With a view of flight safety, the commander of crew has made the decision on landing in at the airport of Simferopol - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, landing has passed safely. Onboard And - 310 (board number VP - BSZ) there were 243 passengers and 8 crewmen.

Airline Siberia directs to the airport of Simferopol a brigade of experts for performance of checkup of the plane - the representative has informed a press - the centre.

the Arrival time of the plane and passengers to Moscow is specified.