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Historical reporter Nikolay Svanidze

At Nikolay Svanidze already enough considerable experience of service and to television and democracy, but it on - former is new and not indifferent. It is how much not indifferent, it was possible to experience on its recent fight on air of the program To a barrier! where it altercated with Vladimir Platonovym concerning Butovo. It altercated not as the TV presenter and the historian, and as the representative of the public and the citizen. In a collision legal side - wood and a bog of rules of law where also the professional can break a foot was essential.

Svanidze has taken the part of human advantage of separately taken individual who is living the own way and work. On the individual rolls a mighty megacity: stand aside. It does not avoid. Why? Therefore. This situation reminds Something...

There was such history about the small person huddling not in Butovo, in Kolomna, near Neva. Sovereign, without having counted with the nature, vozdvignul capital in problem region. The elements have rebelled. To a monument of anything, and poor our Evgenie from mind has moved and even has threatened a boulder: Uzho to you .

Historical process often enough moves not evaded from it and the small person, and the one who pomasshtabnee. Actually about it and speech in Historical chronicles with Nikolay Svanidze.

Has called and its reorganisation has mobilised. At first on just arisen broadcasting company of RTR he wrote offscreen comments for Messages . Then has entered into a shot with the author`s program Details . Its role in disturbing days of the armed parliamentary putsch when it from reserve studio conducted in a mode on line the transfer consolidating democratic audience and much made is memorable that the nervous Russian intelligency has not run then into despair at the sight of the raged Makashov.

there have then come changeable times when the Russian statehood took a step back, one and a half step forward. Or obliquely. There was a short period when he has headed a broadcasting company, without a separation from creative work. After a while stars in a political sky have converged in such a manner that the known TV presenter has concentrated exclusively on the analytical program the Mirror . But it was visible that it has lost interest to a two-dimensional political analytics. The program format gradually skukozhivalsja, and now also has at all evaporated.

Two years ago it has started the grandiose project Historical chronicles . It was supposed to tell about Russian XX-th century in persons and in documents. Liberal publicists - fundamentalists have considered that democrat Svanidze has run away from a battlefield of actual journalism and has taken cover in the history. Radical liberals have from time to time to it claims. As well as at radical nationalists. It is castigated by the newspaper Tomorrow . To it it is not indifferent superliberal Internet the HEDGEHOG . But in that also has put that Svanidze did not run anywhere and from anybody did not disappear. The history was necessary for it as new measurement of the flat present. It gives the chance to it to leave from a two-dimensional analytics.

... The Russian history always was a subject of interest domestic not only fiction writers, but also documentation officers. the Russian empire Leonid Parfyonov on old NTV and Edward Radzinsky`s digressions on the First . But also on this impressing background Historical chronicles Make impression. Its sense and pathos in that mythology of the Soviet period to replace with history. The serial covers Russian State history of a century - the XX-th century. Already on the first series devoted to the well-known Russian businessman and patron of art Savve Morozovu, it was possible to judge character and an orientation of all project.

For the documentary pictures which have been removed on a historical material, became traditional when the leader of a cycle takes a place in the carriage harnessed one, two, as a last resort by three horsies, and gets under way in a way. It that we, televiewers, have felt a reality of the past days. I will not remember, who the first has mastered horse draught for travel to time - Evgenie Kiselyov or Leonid Parfyonov. And Nikolay Svanidze, going to the past with own thoughts about it, has not failed to use the given type of transport.

And there is, probably, in it a homespun truth. More precisely, metaphorical. Probably, founders of these cycles, can, and subconsciously mean that at modern Russia such history which can and be gone round on a horsy. Not that geography of Russia where there are such settlements to which though from Moscow though from St.-Petersburg three years skip and you will not hop. Anyway Nikolay Svanidze, perhaps, in a greater degree, rather than its colleagues, has experienced, as on time, on political realities, on an ideological problematics we have nearby driven off from those years that preceded revolutionary buche the XX-th century beginnings.

the past is interesting to Parfyonov by the exotic party. It the collector of amusing details, colourful details, exotic interiors. Svanidze it is in this respect extremely purposeful and rational: he addresses to history for council, behind a lesson, behind experience. And it it gives all to it much. And whatever subject it has touched, on whatever theme he has started talking to it, it to it in the answer - an evident case, instructive destiny, an expressive parable. If about terrorism - here to us Krasin. If about capitalism - Savva of Frosts.

Still recently Russian political scientists bewildered observed, how our large businessmen actively enough, and others so is simply aggressive (the same Berezovsky) supported money left as if having forgotten as in the beginning of the past century capitalists have already financed Bolsheviks and than it has come to an end. Svanidze in the first release Historical chronicles states as a reminder in general the biography of the largest Russian businessman of the beginning of the XX-th century to Savvy Morozova.

It was the bourgeois to the core, had a reputation for the benefactor for maintained by it ivanovsko - orehovskogo proletariat which called the owner Savushkoj ; Has fallen in love with beautiful actress MHT Maria Andreevu, has fallen in love also itself MHT, has supported its money and eventually became a hard purse for grave-diggers of capitalism, a private property and the big galaxy of masters of culture and a science.

Its novel with lenintsami to the author Chronicles it seems especially mysterious. As, judging by the left documents, Savva of Frosts guessed the future tragedy. Certainly, the damned tsarism to it disturbed, but not so to prefer the Bolshevism. During any moment the historian has not restrained and has exclaimed: What the hell Savva began to help those who will ruin it and will ruin his life business? and what the hell they are helped by present capitalists? Yes so - with blind hatred to that is not pleasant, to that irritates a present minute. The Russian capitalism, as well as hundred years ago, suffers fatal suicidal bents.

Means, have arrived if to trust the historian and the publicist? Have arrived in the past carriage to Southern Butovo. Travel is not finished yet though the considerable part of a way is already passed. Behind 20 - e, 30 - e, 40 - e years that versts with their stations and substations - Bitter, Lihachevym, Ahmatovoj, Mihoelsom. Historical chronicles all is closer to the present.

And the question already as - that was formulated by itself: the Jade of history where you trudge? Answer!

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