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Survived in accident give evidences

the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Irkutsk region continues investigation of the criminal case raised upon wreck of the plane And - 310 airlines Siberia carrying out flight by 778 message Moscow - Irkutsk. Now inspectors continue to work both on a scene, and in a mortuary where inspect material evidences. It is already examined more than 50 bodies of victims - it is told in the message of the State Office of Public Prosecutor which have arrived on Monday in RIA Novosti news agency.

As it is informed, in 17. 00 local times will begin an identification of victims in an air crash.

On Sunday in 7. 45 local times at landing in city airport of Irkutsk the plane And - 310 airlines " has suffered accident; Siberia in ypolnjavshy flight by the message Moscow - Irkutsk. During a landing the plane vshel for limits take-off - a landing strip, having punched concrete airdrome protections, has collapsed and has burnt down.

According to airline aboard there were 193 passengers and 8 crewmen. As a result of an air crash 122 persons according to all available information were lost, 71 victim is directed to city hospitals.

On a scene has arrived it is investigatory - operative group under the direction of the public prosecutor of the Irkutsk region Anatoly Merzljakova. Then criminal case to signs of structure of the crime provided ch has been brought. Z item 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - infringement of safety rules of movement and operation railway, air or a sailing charter.

For timely and all-round investigation of causes of accident the investigatory brigade which structure included 40 inspectors of Office of Public Prosecutor of area, and also inspectors of law-enforcement bodies is generated. Investigation course took under the personal control the Public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Chajka.