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The airport in Irkutsk is considered for a long time problem

So I have seen for the first time the airport of Irkutsk. From passengers it seemed that we really land on roofs of houses. But quarters have interrupted, and the landing strip has arisen as though anywhere. While submitted a gangway, garrulous irkutjanka has explained that her mother cannot change apartment for quieter area just because nobody wants to move under a roar of engines. and still, God forbid, will fall down... - the woman has finished the story about delights local airdrome.

Time has shown that it was right. Lately with frightening regularity - time in four years - at the airport of Irkutsk happens failure. Among pilots from the beginning 90 - h the glory was steadily fixed to this airport bad . The objective reasons at first sight certainly are.

the District around the airport is considered high-mountainous. Take-off - the landing strip is located at height about 600 metres above sea level. Than it is bad? One - low pressure that always affects work of engines of the plane. Even passengers, without speaking about those who drives the car, say that calling on a strip in Irkutsk is enough abrupt. Actually the car at landing approach should as though to fall to get to the necessary point.

With such city the approach to the airport the general director of association " categorically does not agree; the Airport civil aircraft of the CIS countries Victor Gorbachev.

- Half of airports in Russia and in many cities of the world is in city line. And anything. Airport carrying out for a city manages approximately in 30 billion dollars. It is necessary to prepare a platform, and round Irkutsk it is mountains and woods, to bring communications and roads.

Gorbachev is assured that the fault of the airport in the happened tragedy is not present. Most likely the second-hand technics has refused. Yes, the airport of Irkutsk is constructed 70 years ago. And for these years he has endured millions takes off and landing. The airport is certificated, means, is recognised by meeting the requirements. Other question - garages into which the liner was stuck. And they have shown the big hole, but not in a fence, and in our legislation. The matter is that all being on fence inside belongs to the airport. Behind a fence the owner - local authorities. And a legal hole about which speech, looks so.

the Association of the airports in 1997 has prepared the project of the federal law under the name the Airports of Russia . On its preparation considerable money and huge work of very many people have left. Money gave the airports from all country, some scientific research institute and weight of class experts worked. Now in the Duma it is sweet the third sleeps already since 2000 (improved and added) edition of this law. In that, 2000 the law have considered in Committee of the Duma on power, transport and communication. On it all has stood.

Why so this law on the country airports is necessary? According to Gorbachev, he names at last - that the owner at the airport. Today there turns approximately 10 - 15 managing subjects. And everyone this a monastery with the charter, usages, chiefs, transport and other. Each other they do not submit and live in itself. But it not all.

Where the problem registered in the law with the earth is more important. Today for lack of legislative base any airport in the country cannot reserve behind itself even earth centimetre on the development. And after all in the country for January, 1st of this year 383 civil airports were registered. And practically any of them does not answer norms for today and on vyrost . Each of them a dense ring is taken in a siege by summer residences, cottages, garages, other constructions. The Earth around and end-to-end to the airports is sold and resold for a long time by local authorities. And planes becomes more and more, people even more often fly. We will stand in a stopper on landing?