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Terminatoru have allowed to go for a drive on a motorcycle

Thus, the scandal connected with absence of the rights at the eminent fan of two-wheeled means of transportation, now definitively remained in the past.

By words a press - secretary Schwarzenegger, the commission accepted necessary examinations at the governor with all severity. But that has successfully consulted and with the written test for knowledge of traffic regulations, and with a practical part of tests.

we Will remind, about six months ago Terminator has had an accident. Operating the motorcycle a Harley Davidson on one of crossroads of Los - Andzhelesa it has faced an off-road car.

Together with Schwarzenegger went it 12 - summer son Patrick. The boy has not suffered, while the governor after incident had to address for medical aid. Doctors have put on the face the former actor of 15 seams.

it was during the investigation found out that the politician did not have a permission to management of a motorcycle. Schwarzenegger admitted: he never did not reflect at all on necessity of its reception though possesses the whole collection of motorcycles of various marks.

Despite so obvious infringement, in Schwarzenegger`s responsibility have not involved. It was rescued by formality. According to the legislation of staff the licence is required for management of a two-wheeled vehicle while the governor moved on a sidecar machine, that is used not two, but three wheels.

Some years ago, in December, 2001, Schwarzenegger already got on a motorcycle to failure, and much more serious. Then a star of Hollywood has broken six edges and some days has spent in hospital. As he said, it was very painful trauma .