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Agents of national security have palmed off in Basayev`s car Shamilja a surprise

All happens at night in two kilometres from naslennogo point of Ekazhevo of Nazranovsky area of Ingushetia. If at first there was spread information that there ostensibly has spontaneously blown up KamAZ filled with an explosive after special service have made specification. Terrorists have intercepted on the way to a place of fulfilment of the next act of terrorism. The truck should blow up near the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was accompanied by gangsters by three automobile cars the Zhiguli . As a result the truck has blown up, without having reached to destination. Probably that through secret-service communications field investigators managed to palm off in the mined car a surprise . When the information has arrived that terrorists have got under way in a way, the car have blown up by radio.

As have informed yesterday in group of public relations UFSB across Ingushetia, according to preliminary data, capacity of explosion was equal 100 kg in a trotyl equivalent. force of explosion was that that from a cargo motor vehicle there were only some fragments of a body. Automobile cars can be identified as cars the Zhiguli - have told in FSB. From such powerful explosion all who was in the car were lost: not only terrorists, but also their support.

Under the version of the investigation, one of victims - Tarhan Ganizhev was the active participant of a band. It carried out functions coherent the bandit group deployed in vicinities of settlement Ali - Yurtas, was engaged in supply by their medicines, ammunition, a food. According to the investigation, Ganizhev took part in perfect 21 - on June, 22nd, 2004 armed attack to Ingushetia. Then as a result of an attack of insurgents 79 persons were lost, 114 have got wounds.

As believes the consequence, the second victim from explosion is wanted under articles Gangsterism Terrorism Illegal circulation of the weapon and ammunition Capture of hostages Isa Kushtov. According to law enforcement bodies, Kushtov is involved in the abduction of the deputy of parliament of Ingushetia made in February, 2006 Magomeda Chahkieva, the president of Ingushetia being the father-in-law. CHahkiev has been released during special action.