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Basayev has left a trail of blood of 15 years

August, 1992 . Since this time the terrorist is at war in Abkhazia. Orders “ gagrinskim “ front.

1993 - 1994 years “ kryshuet “ small gangs which plunder the trains passing on territory of the Caucasian republics.

on June, 14th, 1995 . Budyonnovsk. Hospital capture. 128 persons were lost. Then against Basayev Genprokuratura has filed criminal charges. It declare in federal search.

Summer and autumn of 1995 . Basayev has declared that has containers with the bacteriological and radioactive weapon. The power does not trust. But in November of the same year under its statement in Izmajlovsky park in Moscow find a package with the big radiation.

October, 1995 . Basayev has declared that is responsible for bombardment 506 - j the Russian motor-shooting division. 18 persons were lost.

on January, 16th, 1996 . The ferry " is grasped; Avrasija “. Has made it the gangster on a surname of Tokchan. Basayev has told that it is its friend across Abkhazia and they together have couple of days ago discussed capture.

on March, 7th . The Factory area of Grozny and station is grasped. Insurgents could hold on days. The head of capture - Basayev.

on August, 6th . Capture already all Grozny. Basayev supervises over one of groups.

on November, 16th . The house in Kaspijske is blown up. 69 persons were lost.

9, 13, on September, 16th, 1999 . Explosions of houses in capital and Volgodonsk. In the street Guryanov 100 persons were lost, are wounded 690. On Kashirke 124 persons were lost. In Volgodonsk 19 persons were lost.

February, 2000 . Basayev is wounded, when left Grozny. The first message on its  destruction.

on May, 9th, 2002 . Explosion of a column during parade in Kaspijke. Among killed and wounded men the majority - children. Responsibility was incurred by Basayev.

on October, 24th . He has incurred responsibility for capture of hostages on Dubrovke.

on December, 27th . Explosion of two trucks in Grozny. Basayev has told that it is made under its instructions. 83 persons were lost. 200 are wounded.

on May, 12th, 2003 . In the village centre Znamensky blows up “ KamAZ “ with an explosive. People were lost.

on June, 5th . In Mozdoke smertnitsa blows up the bus with pilots. 13 victims. Basayev speaks about the management.

on July, 5th . Festival in Tushine. 14 victims. 50 wounded men.

on July, 10th . Smertnitsa did not begin to blow up itself in Moscow at restaurant “ Ginger “. At mine clearing the sapper of FSB was lost.

on September, 3rd . Explosion in an electric train Kislovodsk - Minvody. 44 victims, 221 it is wounded.

on August, 1st, 2003 . “ KamAZ “ it is blown up in Mozdoke. 50 persons were lost, 64 are wounded.

on December, 5th . The electric train in Essentukah is blown up. 37 victims, nearby 200 are wounded.

on December, 9th . Explosion smertnitsy at hotel “ natsional “ in Moscow. 6 victims, 14 are wounded.

on February, 6th, 2004 . The underground. Station “ Autofactory “. 40 victims, are more than 100 wounded men.

February, 2004 . Gas pipeline explosion in Ramensky area of Moscow Region. Responsibility was incurred by Basayev.

on May, 9th . Stadium in Grozny. As a result of explosion the president of the Chechen Republic Ahmat Kadyrov and 6 more person were lost. More than 60 wounded men have taken away in hospitals.

on June, 22nd . An attack to Ingushetia. 90 persons were lost.

on August, 25th . Explosion of two planes.

on August, 31st . Smertnitsa has blown up itself in the underground “ Riga “.

1 - on September, 3rd . Tragedy at school of Beslan. 172 children were lost. And all was buried by 330 persons.

From now on acts of terrorism became more rare, but Basayev invariably declared the participation in the most bloody. In most cases it did not say lies. It has then confirmed a consequence.

Basayev`s Last official statement - gratitude “ Al - Kaide “ for murder of our diplomats.