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Bekkenbauer would not like to be on a place of Zidana

episode Analysis it was a little tightened. Bekkenbauer asked my colleagues to scroll to it the moment from the very beginning of skirmish between the leader of Frenchmen and Italian Materatstsi three times...

the Smile upon the face of a legend of German football was replaced with the surprised grimace... It seems that Bekkenbauer very much did not want to make comments on behaviour of Zizu:

Yes... I was convinced of correctness of the arbitrator. What here to speak - attentively see this episode. Zidan has roughly broken rules. It is really surprising trick by nonsense which I cannot justify. In the field there can be different incidents, in a fever it is possible to tell nonsenses... But same there was Zidan... With it its team mate let speak. It first of all has brought a national team, and in defeat of Frenchmen there is substantially its fault... I very much would not want to be now on its place. Probably, it is very sick...

After that the Kaiser has concentrated on winners:

- Brilliant endurance at a command of Lippi. I very much liked Italians. Played brightly, emotionally and that is very important, wise. Have given to the contender the initiative and waited. Marcello Lippi has provided all. It is very skilled and artful! Pay attention, in spite of the fact that Frenchmen owned a ball, Lippi " more; conducted the command. And a penalty series was for new champions even before the first blow. So it seemed to me. Frenchmen looked any doomed. I do not know that to them has occurred... Probably, again it is necessary to remember Zidane (Smiles.) .

- the Planet has received the deserved champion?

- And champions happen only the presents. The team of Italy has achieved this title because has shown the best football. I agree that, probably, in other situation, with other contender of an abacus could be other. But that football also is fine that it causes so much emotions and discussions! A victory of Italians - already history, and it is necessary to agree with it.

- And if in the ending German national team played?

- I do not want to be engaged in insignificant talks. Italy has won on business. Wards of Klinsmanna were pleasant to me too, but this command needs to grow before to count on a victory in the main ending. The third place - very good indicator and a springboard in the future.

- you are happy with how has taken place the championship?

- As the head of Organizing committee as the person who has devoted the life to football, I can be completely satisfied. Superiority has passed without failures and serious scandals. Matches passed in interesting struggle. Fans whom there have arrived some millions, could see the best modular and sensational results. Pay attention: on one match of superiority there were no empty seats! It means that Germany has coped with a role of the mistress. I am grateful to all who helped us with this work.

- Ahead new horizons?

- Yes, I do not exclude that I will stand on a post of the president of UEFA. This work though still it is necessary detailed analysis of everything that happens for last month will be interesting to me.